5 Property Management Obstacles to Avoid and How to Survive Them

Whatever your level of expertise in real estate investing, or if you’re a first-time homebuyer who has just taken out their first home buyer loan, you’re certain to run into difficulties along the way.

This article discusses the top five property management issues, as well as strategies for avoiding them.

Please continue reading if you want to learn more about how to overcome some of your rental challenges and enhance your business. Thank you.

Rent Collection in an Efficient Manner

Residential rental homes seldom produce any additional revenue other than the rent collected from renters. Even if you charge a fee for auxiliary services, the cash flow generated by such initiatives is unlikely to be sufficient to cover rental arrears.

There are a variety of hurdles that might prevent you from properly collecting rent. Going from door to door to remind tenants about their responsibilities isn’t practicable if you own many homes around the state.

Consequently, it would be in your best interests to make the process of collecting rent as simple and painless as possible. You may outsource the management of your rental property to a professional, who will make rent collection easier by implementing creative methods.

  • Reducing the number of vacancies and the rate of tenant turnover

Another difficulty that landlords frequently encounter is the problem of vacant units and turnover. While experts advocate planning for a minimum of two months in advance, lengthy vacancies can significantly reduce your earnings. After all, if you don’t have renters, your property is losing money.

That’s not to claim that empty units are always the result of your negligence or carelessness. Renters may be forced to relocate owing to a work transfer, a change in family size, or a change in financial circumstances. If, on the other hand, you are unable to attract or maintain renters due to the condition of your property, you might consider making a change.

  • Efficient Communication with Tenants

The establishment of a positive landlord-tenant connection with your renters will make your life a great deal simpler. Your tenants will be more likely to pay their rent on time and be more respectful of the property if you establish a polite, if not warm, relationship with them. When you’re antagonistic, on the other hand, you may find yourself dealing with more repairs and greater turnover rates.

Communication is essential for maintaining a healthy connection. Is it easy for a renter to contact you if they have a problem? Do you notify tenants that you will be visiting their units to perform inspections or make repairs in advance?

It is likely that your connection with your renters will suffer if you do not develop a handy means of contact.

  • Taking Care of Property Damage

Without a provision for maintenance and repairs, no rental budget would be considered comprehensive.

Property damage is an unavoidable annoyance that all landlords must deal with on a regular basis. Normal wear and tear can take a toll on your investment, resulting in leaking plumbing, damaged roofs, and malfunctioning appliances, among other things. Furthermore, accidents or inclement weather might cause severe damage, resulting in high repair costs.

Consequently, in order to make a profit, you must seek strategies to minimize the amount of damage done to the property. That might involve proactive measures such as purchasing insurance or investing in more lasting materials and services.

  • Identifying the Right Professionals

Finally, landlords face difficulties in identifying qualified specialists with whom to collaborate. As a capital-intensive venture, real estate necessitates hiring only the most qualified professionals to work on it.

One of the last things a rental property owner wants is for a substandard repairman to come in and waste their time and money. On the other hand, you can, with the appropriate team, make your property more appealing, efficient, and lucrative while increasing its value.

How to Overcome the Difficulties of Property Management

  • Make Use of Digital Resources

Using digital solutions can assist you in overcoming obstacles one through three, which we discussed previously in this article. By setting up an automatic payment schedule, for example, you can lessen the likelihood of late payments while also reducing the amount of time spent sending out reminders.

Additionally, automated home renovations may dramatically raise the value of your rental property while also assisting you in increasing tenant happiness. As a consequence, you’ll be able to increase traction while also decreasing turnover rates.

Finally, property management software and other digital tools can assist you in communicating with tech-savvy tenants in a more effective and timely manner.

  • Carry out a thorough tenant screening process.

When it comes to being a landlord, you should never underestimate the importance of thorough tenant screening. The conduct of an interview and the asking of a few questions aren’t adequate.

Perform a background check to ensure that the tenant is able to pay their monthly rent on time. Also, inquire about past landlord references to see whether the renter is difficult to work with, has a history of late rent payments, or has caused damage to the property.

  • Carry out preventative maintenance.

Repairs following a fire or an accident, for example, might come as a complete surprise to the homeowner. The majority of the expenses connected with property damage accumulate over time.

When you perform routine maintenance, on the other hand, you have a better chance of catching these problems in their early stages. It is possible to save a significant amount of money in the long term by identifying and addressing the problem early in its development.

Additionally, it assists you in identifying weak areas that may be improved in order to maximize efficiency and tenant satisfaction.

  • In order to obtain recommendations, you should:

Starting with suggestions from relatives and friends is always a good idea no matter what service you’re looking to obtain. If you’re in a group of property owners, it’s doubtful that you’ll come across someone who doesn’t know a trustworthy cleaning service, a fantastic real estate lawyer, or a reputable electrician to recommend.


All investments have advantages and disadvantages, but with forward-thinking ideas, you can overcome these drawbacks. It is our goal that you will find this post on the top 5 property management issues useful, as well as our suggestions for avoiding them. If you are currently dealing with an issue and want assistance, you should seek assistance from a local property management business.

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