5 Tips To Make A Cosmetic Packaging More Attractive

Back in time, all beauty and hair care products were packed just in two ways, the product was either packed in a glass jar or consisted of a bar of soap. The olden times were different than today’s era. People did not know much about high-end beauty products, nor were there many high-end products. People back then did not have much knowledge like people of this present generation do. Technology has even evolved the cosmetic industry. Manufacturers are creating other high-end hair care and makeup products by mixing different chemicals. And with this evolution of products, people nowadays have vast knowledge and reach for various beauty products. The makeup industry is growing day by day, producing different high-tech products due to massive demand from people

Now, if you run a beauty or cosmetic business, the first thing you should never ignore is your product’s packaging, as it is the main essence of your business. An excellent cosmetic packaging reflects the brand quality and helps attract more customers to your brand. Your product should be packed so that it speaks to what the consumers are looking for. If you can convince them through the design and packaging of your product, they will surely take your product home and give it a try.

How exactly should a brand design and pack their product so that it grabs major attention and makes buyers say, “I want to take this thing home.” Well! Here in this blog, we’ll provide the 5 best tips to make your packaging look more appealing and catchy.

Wait And Prime Before You Start Designing

Before designing your package, you should make up your mind about a few things. Such as;

1- Know About Who You’re Selling to

It’s important to know who your product is targeting and what it is all about. You should first make up your mind on who your ideal customer is? Is it a teenage girl who has just built a new relationship with the maker, or is it for a grown woman who works 9 to 5 and needs a long-lasting makeup functionality?

2- Your Brand Personality Matters the Most

You should be able to define your brand personality so that people feel an emotional and psychological link towards it. For example, are you dreamy and love fairytales like Kylie, or are you dark and edgy like Urban Decay?

3- Give a Make-Over to Your Packaging

After all the initial thinking of what and how your brands would be, the times for packaging design come. Don’t forget to consider these steps when designing your product package;

4- Style Matters

The style adds personality to your product. It also speaks more about the company and brand the product comes from. Be smart when choosing your product styles. Consider whether you want to go with the minimalist approach or go all luxurious with your product.

  •     Color Plays A Major Role

Using the right color can boost your brand performance and take it to new heights. When choosing colors, you should always keep in mind these three factors

1- The color should match your brand personality.

2- The color that you choose should be able to grab consumers’ attention to itself.

3- It should make your product stand out from your competitor.

  •     Font Your Brand

Similarly, fonts should go hand in hand with the personality of your brand or product. Choose smartly!

5- Custom Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetic companies nowadays no longer stay limited to the standard-sized bottle. They introduce different products in different sized bottles. This has helped custom packaging companies as they design help these big companies by designing custom packaging boxes printed with logos. The sky has become the limit for designers in coming up with different and unique creative ideas. That said, it is all that works in this highly competitive market. You must attract consumers to your product at any cost through the packaging designs. The better the packaging, the more it gets picked by consumers.

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