5 Unbelievable Beach Holiday Destinations for 2023

5 Unbelievable Beach Holiday Destinations for 2023

As we say goodbye to 2022 and move into a new year, your thoughts will likely turn to your next summer holiday and we have put together a list of beach destinations that are perfect for this year’s holiday.

  1. Phuket, Thailand – Probably number one on most people’s lists, Phuket is the go-to beach destination for millions of tourists. If you are planning to spend 3 weeks in high season, best book up a few months in advance, accommodation ranges from 5-star spa resorts to poolside villas with spectacular views.
  2. Fairmont, Maldives – Everyone should go at least once in their life; this superb atoll peninsula offers luxury water-level villas at Fairmont Maldives, which is the ultimate in waterside living. You can have your own personal chef on call 24/7 and a bartender who can mix any cocktail to perfection. Hi-speed Wi-Fi is standard, so you can manage your business and make all your friends jealous with your Instagram images and video, why go anywhere when you have everything you need at your fingertips?
  3. Seminyak, Bali – The Indonesian Island of Bali has long been a favourite for Australian people and it has much to offer the beach lover. Seminyak is a very popular destination with stunning beaches and some fantastic shopping. Kuta and Legian are both bustling towns if you are looking for quieter accommodation; the web is full of information about Bali destinations and if you are planning June, July or August, you need to book asap. Bali is bustling and full of vibrant nightlife venues, perfect for the party animal who wakes up in the afternoon.
  4. Hoi An, Vietnam – This sleepy coastal town is the jewel of Vietnam and there are many 5-star resorts in this idyllic bay, with daily snorkelling trips and jet-ski operators and if you like to party, there are night disco boats that moor in the middle of the bay, giving you an amazing view as you dance the night away. You can play football on the beach at 5pm, where locals and tourists alike gather for games. Click here for the best hikes in Southeast Asia.
  5. Algarve, Portugal – This gorgeous stretch of coastline is a top European destination for Brits and Scandinavians, with world-class golf courses and miles and miles of pristine beach; as you would expect, the Algarve is very developed to cater for the high number of holidaymakers that flock here from June to September. It is also a great Christmas venue for Europeans looking to escape the minus temperatures.

Now that global travel has opened up after the pandemic, this is the time to start planning for summer 2023. The above are just a few examples, you might already have a beach favourite that you are drawn to whenever you have free time. The Maldives should be on everyone’s bucket list, as should Phuket; it really is a personal choice where you like to laze in the sun.

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