6 Highly effective Marketing Strategy Tips

A good combination of marketing and sales is essential for the successful growth of a business. This relationship can be well understood by different business owners and experts. Nowadays, marketing has become a necessary element of all types of businesses, whether retail or online. Without marketing, you are unable to create brand awareness in the minds of customers. An effective marketing strategy includes a combination of advertisement, public relations, direct mail campaigns and advertising on social networking websites. With the change in technology and innovation, more effective ways of marketing are been used to attract a mass of potential customers. Whatever the business you pursue, below are some important and highly effective marketing strategy tips to help you to take your business to great success:

·         Run targeted campaigns to target your audience:

If the product/service you are offering does not match anyone’s needs, it means that you have not targeted the audience successfully. Spending too much money on advertisements which are going to the wrong place, means that you are wasting your money. Instead, the need is to know your customers. For it, you need to survey them to put the advertisement in right place.  It’s a highly effective marketing strategy to target the exact audience whose demand fits your product. For this purpose, you need to run targeted campaigns.

Normally different small businesses don’t pay attention to it but whether you have a small or large-scale business, targeting your customers has a significant advantage. With the data you collected from the target campaign, you can make a target customer profile. Using this information, you can target the same demographics and psychographics using campaigns. This attracts more customers indeed.

·         Knowing when to advertise:

Normally it has been observed that businesses divide their budget equally in all the months of the year. It may be thought a good approach. But think for a while isn’t it wise to spend the money on an advertisement when it proves really beneficial. Different businesses have claimed that they use advertisement but provide no benefit to them. The problem is their timing. They are unaware of when to advertise to attract buyers and enhance your sales.

For example, if you sell seasonal products, there is no use to advertise throughout the year. Focus on advertisement in the highest-performing seasons. In fact, start a bit early and continue your advertisement short after the season ends.  Similarly, Christmas and Black Friday have always proved high-performing seasons for most businesses. Put extra money aside for these days. Also, keep an eye on your competitor when he is launching some big promotion. If you have put the advertisement budget aside, you can have a bright chance to match a pace with your competitor.

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·         Track and measure the advertisement:

Small business entrepreneurs have no idea whether their advertisement actually works or not. Various platforms like Facebook, Yahoo and Google provide the users with statistics related to your online ads, which help you to determine whether it’s working or not. Once an ad is created which resonates with the target audience, a detail of it is automatically created. In the case of an offline advertisement, set up an email address or a contact number to find out what is working and how your leads find you.

·         Brand well:

Are your customers able to identify your brand based on the colour, logo and imagery you use in your ads? If it is not so then you are lacking behind. Remember what major companies are doing. Often, you can identify their ads from the colour they use. Changing your branding again and again and creating new ads, appears to be confusing in the eyes of customers. You may undergo changes but your goal should be the same to show familiar ads and places which resonate with your target customers. This will make them remember your ad each time they see its advertisement. Sometimes an effective Custom Packaging also makes the customers recognize your brand. The packaging colour or the style of the custom box or any such attribute is enough to create your brand awareness in the eyes of customers.

·         Pay attention to SEO:

Every business knows the importance of ranking high in search engines, but they sometimes lack in resources and time to create valuable content for their website. The direct way to rank yourself high in search engines is to ensure high-quality valuable content on your website. Use the keywords which are used more frequently by the users to find companies like you. This will automatically appear your business high in the search.

But if someone is not having time to generate such content, then the best way is to take advantage of services like Bing Ads and Google Adwords, which help you to appear high in search without the need to optimize the posts for the selected keywords. If you have fewer budgets to spend on advertising, then this way can really work well. Moreover, a Facebook ad campaign is also a practical approach.

·         Offering festive discounts and hosting events:

There is always a chance to attract more customers through special offers and discounts on festive occasions. For example, if you have your own franchise of summer desserts, you can offer them at a discounted price with other food items, especially during the hot season. Another effective marketing strategy includes hosting different occasional events or even food events to give special packages to the incoming customers. You can make an online advertisement for it through posters and fliers. Such events help to create brand awareness and spread the word.

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