8 of the best ideas and tricks of Instagram stories to involve your followers

Text in rainbow color

It was created by Snapchat and Instagram. Instagram Story is a great way to share with your followers the things you are following every day. Although it only lasts for 24 hours, it attracts twice the traffic to your regular posts. Sometimes stories can become repetitive and you need to find creative ways of preserving them. We’re here to save you. These are our top Instagram ideas and thoughts that will help take your Instagram Stories to new heights. And after reading this article you can also find the best sites to buy Instagram services for visiting these sites just click here.

8 Best Instagram Stories Ideas and Tips to Engage Your Followers.

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1. Text in rainbow color

Your scripts are the most important aspect of your story. They allow you to convey your message in a more meaningful manner. The plain white text makes your stories boring.

The color tabs on Instagram and the color palette might be familiar to you. If you don’t know how to use the color tabs on Instagram, you can still access the entire color palette by pressing long-pressing any color icon. You can choose any color you like from the text panel using the color picker.

You can give your text a rainbow effect or an ombre effect by adding simple embellishments to your color scheme.

Select the entire place and write your text. Drag your finger left to right along the gradient, while simultaneously moving your other finger left to right along with the text. This will create a rainbow effect.

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You can override this if you choose another text color. You should be aware that the keyboard effect will disappear on iOS.

2. Send us your photos

To give the photo a humorous feel, you can attach your photo to it.

Once you have uploaded your story, swipe up for the stickers. Click on the visible camera icon in the list. This will open your front camera and allow you to attach a small picture of yourself to the original mail.

The same technique can be used to put your photo on stickers or backgrounds. This could be a chat bubble or a message board.

This trick can be used in many different ways.

3. Install scripts

Although you’ve uploaded tons to Instagram, the pin option is something that you haven’t seen. You can pin stickers, profile links, and hashtags to almost anything.

Hold the text that you wish to pin and tap until you see it. The scroll bar will now be opened. Drag the slider slowly until the object appears on the video. Click Pin to place the text on the object.

Instagram will track the object’s movement and place text on it automatically. This will allow you to take your creativity and storytelling skills to the next level.

It may also be used to promote your stories. Change the color of the duplicate text to black

4. Stories applications

Instagram recently added several options for stories. There are times when you need to use more than these options. These are the times to use third-party apps.

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Unfold is the app that I recommend for storytelling. It’s free and available on both Android and iOS operating systems.

There are several templates you can choose from to add text and images to your story. Your photos can add a personal touch to your stories. Take a look yourself.

You can purchase templates for a nominal $100 if you don’t like the templates provided. Unfold doesn’t support video.

Instagram only offers five text styles: Bold (Classic, Modern, Neon, Neon, and Typewriter). CoolFancy Text Generator is a tool that allows you to create more styles than the XNUMX styles.

Go to the website and type in your text. It will give you a variety of text styles. Simply copy and paste the text into your stories. This gives your stories a unique touch.

5. Send a teaser

Here’s an easy Instagram Story trick that will help you generate publicity for your next post or project if you are a social media influencer.

Upload your story, then click the brush icon. Tap and hold the transparent brush anywhere on the screen to select it. The transparent color will cover the entire screen. The color picker allows you to choose the color for the transparent layer.

You can use this as a preview or teaser for your posts. It can be titled with your title and published in the next story.

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6. Use handwritten texts!

Texts are vital and handwritten text adds a personal touch.

Amazon has a great selection of cheap pen options. The stylus is most effective when you have your fingers in contact with it.

Select Hard Paint Brush from the Paintbrush menu. You can use your pen or your hand to draw on the photo.

This adds a personal touch that is difficult to replicate elsewhere.

7. 3D text effect

You will need to work extra hard for this trick.

Select the entire text after you have typed it. Copy the text and paste it onto the screen. Change duplicate text color to black.

Place the original text carefully on top of the double black layer. This creates a 3D effect on the text. It can also be called the shadow effect.

8. Use Hashtags!

Hashtags make it easier for your stories to be seen by a wider audience. If you use #summer in your hashtag search, your posts will appear on Instagram’s hashtag search pages.

Sometimes, hashtags may not match the image. It is possible to cleverly conceal it by changing the background color of the hashtag.

This is how it works.


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