Alienware aurora 2019: The perfect choice for gaming

Are you also the one who loves gaming but your desktop does not help you? And most of the time you face problems during playing heavy games. This is because every single pc or desktop is not able to play heavy games.

Before going to buy the pc for gaming first check the requirement. If your system meets all the requirements there will be no problem during playing the game. For playing video games you must need to choose the alienware aurora 2019. We mentioned this desktop because it is the best solution for gamers who want to play heavy games without facing any issues.

After making lots of research for the best gaming pcs we come to the result that alienware aurora 2019 is the pcs which will give you the best experience ever. We claim this because of these features and popularity. So be in touch and scroll down to know all about alienware aurora 2019.

Comparison between different Alienware aurora models

Name Specification Amazon Price
Alienware Aurora R13 Gaming Desktop CPU model intel core i7, 16 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD and 1 TB HHD. $2399
Alienware Aurora R11 Gaming Desktop


CPU model Core i7, 10th generation, 16GB RAM, 1 TB hard disk and 512 GB SSD.


Alienware Aurora R10 Gaming Desktop


CPU model Ryzen 9, 32 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD. $2799
Alienware Aurora R9 Gaming Desktop


CPU model core i7, 9th generation, 16GB RAM,  512GB SSD +1TB HDD


2021 Newest Alienware Aurora R12 Gaming Desktop,


CPU model core i7, 32 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD and 1 TB HHD. $2199
Alienware Aurora R12 Gaming Desktop


CPU model core i7, 16 GB RAM, 512 SSD and 1 TB HHD. $2139


Overall best alienware aurora (for quick dicission)

If you are in hurry here is the best lienware aurora 2019 desktops for gaming.

  • The latest gaming computer in the alien aurora brand is R13. If you have an intention towards the latest model then buy R13 model, and unbox it.
  • The best configuration desktop in the case of the specification is Alienware Aurora R11 Gaming Desktop. This gaming desktop has 16 GB RAM and 1-centimeter screen size.
  • If you are in search of the best budget option buy Alien Aurora Ryzen R10. This is the cheap gaming desktop (8 GB RAM and 1 TB HHD) in all other alienware aurora. This desktop is on the budget of $1400.

A detailed review of the alienware aurora 2019

Because of the enware aurora 2019 quality, design, and feature, now this is one of the most popular and most liked gaming brands ever. The best thing about all the aurora gaming pcs is that they upgrade with time and never compromise on their quality.

Led lights of lienware aurora 2019                     

With an attractive design and crazy shape, LED lights to add even more beauty to the ware aurora 2019. These LED lights are on the front of the panel in a beautiful style. The best thing about this light is that you can change the color according to your mood or room environment.

Give you the best experience ever

Alienware aurora 2019 is the solution for all the common problems which arise for many gamers such as overheating, hanging of the game, performance problems, graphical glitches in games, etc.

Gaming pcs are in a different category and they are more powerful compared to ordinary pcs. This is all because of their great flexibility, speed, graphic cards, quality, processor, RAM, and ROM. So due to all these extra things in gaming pcs they are recognized the expensive pcs as compared to ordinary pcs.

Apart from this playing on such a latest gaming computer will give you the best experience and will make you a professional player.

Components of the Alien aurora 

Alien gaming pcs come with high-rated and quality components. All the components of the nware aurora 2019 are specially made for the games. The component includes…

Optical mouse: The common things among all the Alienware aurora gaming mouse are high speed (1000 HZ) with wired/wireless performance, long battery life (mostly up to 350 hours), custom adjustable (scroll wheel), 16000 DPI (precision sensor), and seven programmable buttons.

Multi-media keyboard: with lots of function and specification Alienware aurora come with a high-performance keyboard. This keyboard is specially made for heavy gaming.

Apart from these ienware aurora 2019 comes with a desktop tower, power cord, and manual.

Does alienware aurora suits you?

here is the question which mostly runs on google Is alienware aurora best for gaming? So the simple answer is yes! This is because of having all the specifications which are necessary for playing heavy games.

But if we come to the question is alienware aurora suit you? Because the main problem with the alienware aurora series is the budget. If you are on a tight budget you will not be able to buy are aurora 2019 and you feel it like a burdenSo these pcs or desktops should be the choice of professional gamers.

Last words

This was all about alienware aurora 2019. Hope you enjoyed it and find it helpful. So if you have a budget buy the Alienware aurora series. Most professional gamers use the alienware aurora series for playing the latest games.

In the series of the alien aurora, you can also find the best gaming laptops but most gamers prefer the desktop. But still it’s your choice which one you like for playing the games.

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