Benefits Of Using Previous Years’ Question Papers When Studying For Defence Exams?

Do you want to work in the armed forces? If so, get ready for both the written exam and the physical efficiency test to fulfil your goal. Some applicants actually think that getting ready for a written competition test is similar to conquering Mount Everest. It’s not true, no! It just relies on the approach you choose to handling things when preparing for the defence exam.

Examining previous years’ question papers is, in fact, the finest preparation strategy for the construction exam. Previous years’ question papers provide a rough indication of what to expect in the actual test along with the precise format. In addition to that, you may learn about several advantages of previous years’ test questions in this post. If you think that studying questions from previous years’ exams won’t be enough to completely prepare you for the CDS test, you may obtain the best training from a source that is capable of offering the best CDS coaching in Chandigarh

The following are some noteworthy benefits of using test questions from prior years to prepare for your defence exam:

Understanding The Format Of The Test

How can you find out the defence test’s actual exam format? Definitely, by looking at the test questions from previous years. By doing so, you may have a thorough understanding of the importance of each part, the sorts of questions you can expect to see, repeating questions, marking standards, and much more. You may use this information to appropriately grade your preparation for improved outcomes. Therefore, in order to be properly prepared for the test, be sure to read through at least 10 to 12 prior years’ question papers and don’t forget to solve them.

Talents With Time Management

You must be aware as a candidate that defence tests have time limits. In addition to testing your knowledge and intelligence, the tests also assess your reaction time and time management abilities. You can attempt all of the exam’s questions if you are adept at managing your time. If you don’t know how to manage your time effectively, you won’t be able to answer all of the questions, which will result in lower scores. You can improve your time management abilities by studying question papers from prior years.

You can obtain a sense of which kind of questions are more time-consuming and which types you tend to stick to by completing past years’ question sheets. In this manner, you may use a plan and even simple tactics to answer such problems quickly. This will increase both your speed and accuracy, enabling you to finish the exam on time and without error.


To determine where you need to put in more effort, it is crucial to evaluate yourself as you get ready for the defence test. You may assess your performance and identify your weaknesses by resolving question papers from prior years. Make a list of your weaknesses and develop a plan to improve those areas. Make careful to assess if your performance is improving or falling by contrasting it with the previous day. Make sure you practise more if your performance doesn’t improve.

Identifying Questions That Are Frequently Asked

You will find a handful of questions that are repeated each year when you examine question papers from previous years. You can keep track of a few crucial questions by doing this. By putting in the necessary time and effort, you may improve your preparation and do well in the defence test.

Boost Self-Confidence

Many applicants experience exam-related anxiety. Lack of practise and ignorance of the exam format are the causes of this anxiety. On the other hand, students who correctly answer questions from prior exams show greater confidence throughout the exam. They understand every topic and are adept at answering every kind of query. This improves their performance and makes it possible for them to answer inquiries calmly. Students are more likely to score very well on the exam when they think clearly and move forward.

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To summarise

In conclusion, even though there are a lot of advantages to answering questions from prior years during the defence test, you can only take advantage of these advantages if you really answer each paper. So, in order to join the armed forces, be serious, put in a lot of effort, and consistently solve test questions from prior years.

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