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If you’re a real estate agent rural home, resort, hotel builder, promoter, bank, or property owner generally and want to distinguish yourself from rivals You can achieve this by presenting the vision of your business using drones for aerial photography services and video recording using drones. Utilizing professional drones, you’ll capture stunning and creative photographs using the help of our HD cameras. Images resulting from aerial footage recorde by drones of lodges, chalets. Other rural locations that were capture from different heights, perspectives, and angles are breathtaking.

Drones used for tourism also produce stunning results due to aerial photos of general images of cities, and towns and perhaps filming the beaches from the ocean.


Furthermore, aerial video recording using drones can capture aspects that are difficult to comprehend like distances from a mode of public transportation (subway trains, subways parking, airport, etc.). The information can used to improve the product or service. The benefits of video and drone photos to promote urban areas include:

  • Reduce costs and decrease risk. It helps make decisions with current and accurate information.
  • More precision and better quality More precise tracking than is provided by human-crewed aircraft and satellites.
  • Access to previously inaccessible areas and access to information previously unattainable.
  • Time-saving.
  • Employee safety is increased

We are SKYDRON We have been operating in the field of real estate since the beginning of our existence and are currently offering the services of international corporations like Engel & Volkers or Keller Williams.

Our most popular service consists consisting of 2 “turnkey” audiovisual pieces: an introductory video and an extended version.

For the full details of how we operate in the real estate industry check out. Drone recordings for the real estate industry, a winning method.


If you’re thinking about costs the biggest benefit drones can offer is the ability to provide. All the services that were available only to big corporations or large companies.

For instance, the cost for a half-day of drones with ground equipment. As well as recording and editing as well as final editing of the video between 60-120 seconds, could be between EUR400 to EUR500. If you’re only looking to record and deliver content, are only interest in photos, then the cost is significantly reduced. Additionally, we also offer special discounts that combine video and photography.

Aerial drone and videography is our specialty and is the reason we’ve got all our drons equipment and specially designed cameras too. In addition our ground teams and all the capabilities to handle all aspects. Starting with the preparation of the entire process the actual production, and of course the post-production to produce the final, inspiring audiovisual work. The piece is rich in history and capable of enthralling your customers or the audience you want to reach.

In the end this way, and due to our method of working, we recommend to contact us to

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