A Beginner’s Guide To Dumpor-Instagram Story Viewer

If you are looking for an application or a way that allows you to view and download stories of people without any account, this article is for you. One of the best stalker and Instagram story viewers is dumpor which allows you to view any public account tags, followers, posts, and stories without revealing your identity.

What is dumpor Instagram story viewer?

There are many ways, but dumpor Instagram is the best to date as its services are free, easy to use, and the person’s privacy is kept a priority. Recently, several platforms offer the services to view and download anything from Instagram, but none of them keep privacy at top priority, as is done by dumpor.

The most important part of this application is that the privacy of both stalker and other people’s accounts is the priority. You can search for posts and stories while another person’s name, number, and email are not revealed. You can download unlimited videos and stories using dumpor com, and all its services are free for everyone.

Some of the main features of dumpor are as follows:

  • You can view Instagram posts.
  • you can download videos with one click.
  • You can view stories anonymously.
  • Instagram downloader is available in different languages.

Working of Dumpor

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in recent times to connect with the audience and get many followers. This platform is a source of time pass, but sometimes it may be a source of inconvenience and frustration.

Suppose you are tired of scrolling Instagram or viewing the same post repeatedly, then Instagram dumpor can solve your problem. Due to many posts, you may miss important posts of your followers and friends so you can use this application.

You have to type or paste the link to people’s profiles. As a result, all activities will be visible to you. Other features of this story viewer include profile analysis, posts viewer, videos downloader, and followers list, all without revealing your identity. You can monitor and analyze the progress of yours and any other public account.

How to use dumpor


  • You don’t have to install anything for using a Even for using this platform, you don’t need an Instagram account.
  • All activity is done anonymously; the person you are stalking will never know your identity.
  • You have to go to the dumpor site, enter a person’s profile or hashtag and you will automatically reach your desired post.
  • You can save and share posts and stories with one click.

Features of dumpor Instagram viewer

This is a great application to find places, tags, and accounts. The interface of dumpor is straightforward. The search bar is present at the center. You have to type your desired person’s name or profile, and all videos and posts will appear on your screen. You can arrange content in dumpor Instagram viewer according to different categories, including location and followers. This multi-tasking application provides you complete access to any person’s comments and even his replies.

This application is not only for stalking, but you can also use it for your account promotion. You can request others to repost your hashtags and many more. This application can stalk accounts that are public and visible to everyone. Any private account is not accessible with this application.

Final Words

Dumpor is a website linked with Instagram, but it will not reveal your identity at any cost. Using dumpor will provide an extra sheath of security as the website does not store any data and information. There are many alternatives to dumpor Instagram, viewer, but this is best in all its features.

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