Effective Tips to Reduce Spelling Errors in the IELTS Exam


IELTS  is an international test of English language proficiency conducted every month. The basic purpose is to check the proficiency of non-native speakers. Lakhs of Indian students appear for this exam in order to gain the objective of studying in a foreign country like the USA or Canada. This exam can be challenging if you are appearing for the first time.

One major area where most students face problems is the spelling department. See if you are committing too many spelling errors it is going to put a bad impression on the examiner and thus reduce your band score. Therefore, if you wish to get a good band score then you have to really work hard on improving your spelling.  Otherwise, your dream of studying in a foreign nation can vanish into thin air.  But don’t worry much! You can seek IELTS online coaching in order to gain better knowledge of this exam. 

 So, to avoid getting into such a  situation read this article carefully and better your spelling to a great extent-

Extensive practice 

Practice is crucial to better your spelling. Which are the words you misspell a lot? Research it and then jot down all these words in a notebook. Make an effort to do the extensive practice of difficult words. In such a way it will be easy for you to master all those words you are commonly misspelling. You may fail in the earlier attempts. Learning something new is definitely a huge challenge. But that shouldn’t demotivate you. Failure is a sign that you are doing constant practice. You’ll surely be able to ace spellings and do wonders in your IELTS exam.

Break into smaller parts 

When you spell lengthy words, the best thing to do is to chunk down the words into smaller parts. This will help you spell & comprehend the lengthy words clearly.  It can be quite hard to pronounce and spell a few words. In such a case we advise you to be aware of the common prefixes and suffixes. Then understand and learn them thoroughly.  Check the root of a word before spelling it. Let us understand this by breaking the word ‘uncomfortable’ into three parts- 

Prefix- un            Root – comfort                       Suffix- able

Another example to make you learn this in a better way-

Word- ‘previewable’

Prefix- pre               Root-  view           Suffix- able 

So, a better understanding of prefixes, suffixes, and root words will definitely help you understand how to spell words correctly. Furthermore, it will ensure a better band score for you. 

Say it aloud

After you are done with your article or essay, you need to make sure you read it aloud. By doing it will be easier to spot mistakes and correct  commonly ignored mistakes. Often when we write lengthy essays we end up making common spelling errors. So by re-reading the article you have the option to redo  those errors. Therefore, read the words aloud. Don’t be hesitant to do so. 

You can read your article aloud in front of a mirror. Also, make an effort to say aloud those words you find really hard to spell. By reading aloud you are creating connections in your brain to understand those words in an effective manner. You need to be a good speller to do well in any language test like PTE, TOEFL, etc. Are you facing trouble learning correct spelling? Is it badly affecting your IELTS/PTE preparations/ If yes then time for you to join PTE online coaching and connect with experts in the comfort of your home. 

Keep a  check on pronunciation

The English language has many such words which contain silent letters. This means that the letter is a part of that word but when you pronounce it aloud it misses out as it was never the part of the word. This creates confusion and spelling errors. Therefore, you need to keep yourself updated on all such silent letters. For example- k is written in the word ‘knight’ but while pronouncing this word there is no sound of the letter ‘k’.  So, work hard on learning more about such silent letters otherwise you will keep making more and more spelling errors. No doubt, this can seem a herculean task but then to get the best band score you will have to churn out special efforts. Focus on the end results. This will help you provide suitable motivation. 

Wrapping it up 

Therefore, to do well in the IELTS exam it is crucial to develop a deep understanding of spelling. If you are someone who frequently commits spelling errors then time for you to introspect that carefully and work hard towards improving your spelling. No doubt it can seem quite a challenging and daunting task in the beginning. But with the passage of time, it will all be very easy. We hope the above article will help you better your spelling. 

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