How to Solve Outlook 2016 not receiving Emails?


Outlook has been one of the most preferred webmail services used by tons of people around the globe. Apart from its exclusive features, Outlook also comes with its errors. One such error is the “Outlook 2016 not receiving emails”.

Simple steps to fix Outlook 2016 not receiving emails

  1. Sometimes the application may stop working.  Restarting Outlook may solve this issue.
  2. Make sure to check the internet connectivity before you try to use Outlook.
  3. Check to see whether you have disabled “work offline” or not. If you have, then you may need to sign in again and change your settings.
  4. Make sure to check other folders as well since sometimes the messages go into the junk folder.
  5. You may need to check other devices where you’re logged in. This applies only to users who use the POP email in Outlook.
  6. Make sure to clear the cache files and cookies. This may fix this issue.
  7. Make sure that you haven’t created any rules which may lead your mails to another email account or being deleted.
  8. Make a new Outlook profile if you think that your old profile is corrupt as it may lead to this error.

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We hope that we have fixed the Outlook 2016 Problem easily with these steps. Still, if you are unable to send emails from Outlook, contact the Outlook Help & Support Services.

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