Hacks to Setup the Perfect Hackathon

Teamwork is the process of cooperating and working as a team to accomplish a common goal. When people collaborate, they trade off their strengths to boost the effectiveness of the team.

Good teamwork brings forth a variety of perspectives, experiences, and abilities. In every sector of business, including IT firms, collaboration is crucial.

You may have heard of hackathons if you work in any field. A hackathon is a company- or organization-hosted event where professionals join together to create a collaborative atmosphere for solving a specific challenge.

Hackathons are more common in IT companies where the programmers meet quickly to work on the project.

The duration of the event is between 24 and 48 hours. Hackathons are open to participants from a variety of professions besides developers, including graphic designers, project managers, engineers, and more.

These days’ people have practiced living in virtual environments. So, the companies also started to host an online hackathon. The hacking event is thus accessible to participants from anywhere.

If you’re hosting a hackathon, there are a few tips you should keep in mind to run a successful event. The following advice will assist you in preparing for a productive hackathon.

Set the goal of your hackathon

When hosting a virtual hackathon, you must first define a proper objective that must be accomplished throughout the event. The participants will concentrate and finish the work more quickly if the aim is clear.

So, before conducting the event, decide whether you want to develop a new technology or address a specific issue.

If the aim wasn’t established in advance, the entire event would be a waste of time for everyone involved, or the task would not be finished by the deadline. Setting a goal is crucial, especially when running coding hackathons.

Choose the correct date

Your online hackathon will draw more participants if you pick the right day. Therefore, choose a date that won’t conflict with important festivals or other events, such as summer vacations and national holidays. And it is always advised to hold hackathons on the weekends when the majority of people are available.

Get sponsors for your event

To draw participants and set yourself apart from other online hackathon platform, you must offer a respectable prize fund. And you might not be able to pay the award sum on your own.

Therefore, seek out sponsors for your event since they might offer numerous ways to offset the expense of holding a big hackathon.

The sponsors, however, will demand something in exchange, such as promoting their product or service at the event. Additionally, the sponsors will assist you in various ways to promote your event.

Notify the participants in advance

If you want more experts to participate in your hackathon, you must market it in advance so that participants are available on the day of the event.

Therefore, it is wise to inform the attendees about the event a month or two weeks in advance. They can reschedule their activities with its assistance. In case you announce last-minute, you might not get many participants

Set up rules and regulations

Setting up the guidelines for your event is even more crucial. Because if rules and regulations are correctly set up, the event will proceed as planned, and both competitors and organizers must abide by the rules.

For example, there must be guidelines for judging, submitting, and using various technologies. You may run the event without any issues with its assistance.

You will organize legitimate hackathons by adhering to these hacks. To make the occasion hassle-free, you must arrange every detail. Additionally, it will give attendees a fantastic experience that will enable them to participate in your forthcoming events.

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