How do I get Freeview if I don’t have an aerial?

Ways to get Freeview if you don’t have an aerial

Ever since its launch in 2022, Freeview has changed the mode of the media and television in the UK. This awesome device has allowed them to access all the content that they want to without any issues but one of the major questions that the users of Freeview have put is that can they get freeview without an aerial installation and this is why this guide, we are going to tell you the steps of how to get freeview without aerial.

Use Freeview with Internet-Based options

For the past two decades, Freeview has used different channels to get the users what they want and one of the most used options is the internet-based options. Freeview can not only be accessed with a Traditional aerial TV but you can watch freeview online and some of those options are:

  • Smart TV

This is one of the most famous ways that you can use to watch your favourite show without the use of an aerial. I am sure that you know that all Smart TVs have internet and hence, you do not need a telly aerial to access all the contents that you want to. 

  • Freeview Application

The application of the company is one of the best ways in which you can get anything that you want. Accessible to all Android and iOS users, this Freeview play application will provide you access to all the TV channels that you want to watch. 

There are other methods too that you can use but for that, you need to visit our website Onlinehubb



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