How do you make a Fashion Tech Pack?

Let’s discuss the intricacies of how tech packs are implemented now that you are aware of what they are and why they exist.

Making a table of contents for your tech pack is the first step. You might use a template or create your own checklist depending on the specifications of your factory. The next step is to compile and write down all of your technical details, including measurements, colors, materials utilized, flat drawings for each side, and so forth.

The tech pack begins with dimensions and sketches of your proposed garment, then includes details on the fabrics and manufacturing processes, such as how to cut certain textiles or make interfacing, etc. Then comes additional in-depth technical knowledge on the precise methods used to make the clothing, including stitching facings or pinning buttons.

After you’ve completed the checklist, you may add notes about any extra requirements, such as style modifications or unique demands for quality standards.

How much time is required to create a tech pack? 

It’s difficult to estimate how long it will take you to create a tech pack. The length of time it takes to assemble a garment increases with its complexity. Even seasoned designers can spend 5–10 hours creating more ambitious clothes, while other straightforward pieces could simply take an hour or two.

The following variables affect how long it takes to create a tech pack:

Your manufacturing will go more quickly if your files are organized. For instance, if you save and name all of your original designs in one location, the tech pack designer will find it much simpler to list them all.

  • Communication back and forth might take more time if you’re dealing with several manufacturers who aren’t accustomed to one another’s procedures and documentation style.
  • If some steps in the design process need to be improved (for instance, as a result of sloppy sketching), this may require going back and redoing certain things.
  • Whether you created your tech pack using the newest technologies. Using outdated spreadsheet templates will inevitably slow you down because of the interface’s inability to handle visual data.

Using modern technology, fashion tech packs will be simpler!

Tech kits may be frightening. They ask you to compile a ton of information on each style, which you must then pack into a sizable document that is intended to keep everything in order. Be at ease, though!

There are several technical solutions available that make the process of producing tech packs quite simple. In fact, you don’t even need to fill out pages, scan them into PDFs, or send large email attachments in order to construct a tech pack online.

Using a program like WFX PLM will help you save time and create a document that is clear, succinct, dynamic, and simple to read (and browse). It enables you to compile a comprehensive list of your design’s critical details, which your manufacturer may examine online or download as a PDF. Utilizing a cutting-edge software platform for tech pack creation and management will help you avoid mistakes and never forget crucial information.

By enabling real-time communication, it encourages teamwork. All of your teams will have access to a single source of truth for product information since they can communicate with one another and exchange comments on the same platform where they manage their tech packs. 

Key Points

A tech pack can be made in a variety of ways, but it serves the same purpose. In order for the manufacturer to be able to turn the designer’s idea into a real product, it should be able to express to them precisely what they have in mind. If the initial sample is released with relatively few adjustments, that is the greatest indication that the tech pack has been completed successfully. 

In actuality, tech pack creation takes time. Due to the extensive quantity of details required to finish and arrange it, it is an extremely time-consuming process. However, once you realize its worth, your efforts will be worthwhile. Please visit our templates area if you’d like to see the tech pack templates we’ve created for t-shirts, hoodies, joggers, leggings, etc.

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