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How to Choose a Comfortable Chair for Your Home Office

If you spend most of your day at the computer, you’re unlikely to have the question “why do you need an office chair.” But even if you usually only need to complete a few tasks in a couple of hours or play at a real money casino NZ, it’s best to choose the optimal chair. No other chair is right for the job. If you’ve ever tried sitting in a straight-back dining chair or an armchair, you know how uncomfortable it is: neck and back pain won’t last long.

The ideal design of an office chair or chair to work on the computer at home contains a five-point support, set on wheels that are easily rolled on any surface (linoleum, carpeting, parquet). The wheels, by the way, are the “weakest point” in inexpensive models. But manufacturing companies that care about their positive image, produce high-quality computer orthopedic chairs, in which all elements and nodes of the design are reliable and durable.

So, what is the difference between a comfortable computer chair and an ordinary computer chair?

  • The backrest should have a concave shape that provides good support for the back and has adjustable tilt.
  • Armrests should be adjustable in height and width.
  • The seat – must be soft and elastic, take the form of a person, adjustable in height.
  • The seat and backrest should be made of breathing materials.
  • Sturdy castors and support.
  • Headrest.


Ergonomic shape, a special roll or curve that follows the back in the lumbar zone, such as in Herman Miller Embody armchairs or such as in the Herman Miller Aeron – adjustable backrest support PostureFit. In Herman Miller Mirra 2, you will always be comfortable because it’s easily adjustable and can adjust to the shape of your body. So, posing the question when buying what computer chair to choose, you already know that it must be a chair with lumbar support. Orthopedic chairs have adjustable recline.


This feature helps relieve muscle tension during prolonged work. You lean on the armrests when you stand up or sit down. They support your forearms. So it’s important to adjust them so that your shoulders are in a natural position when you work. The Wagner Alumedic Limited S Comfort leather computer chairs are chairs with adjustable armrests in both height and spacing.


The presence of this element will relieve, relax the muscles of the neck. It is good if the chair with headrests can be adjusted without getting up.


It’s simple. It should be adjustable in height, have an orthopedic shape and slightly recline backwards and forwards

Herman Miller, Wagner produce really useful chairs, each time improving their models. Now on the market sales chair to correct posture (stoop). The combination of “chair” and “correct posture” should be a “reference point” when choosing a chair to work at the computer for a long time. If after a day’s work you want to sit and relax in a chair, it means that you have chosen the right chair. And yet, in order not to feel tired and broken, do not forget about a light workout after every 45 minutes of work. And then a good mood and excellent performance will accompany you throughout the day.

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