How to Enhance SEO with Google Keyword Planner

What is the most significant step for writing a blog post? After finding your blog topic, you start searching for keywords. Although there are several keyword research tools, Google Keyword Planner is a reliable choice. Google offers this free tool to marketers to develop their campaigns and have keyword insights. So, how does Keyword Planner benefit SEO professionals? Find a brief guide below on how to use the tool and improve your SEO campaign.

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Major Features of Keyword Planner

Before starting to explore Keyword Planner, you must know about its features.

Keyword research – Just enter your URL or seed keywords to create keyword ideas relevant to your topic. The tool allows you to filter keywords depending on metrics like:

●Suggested bids
●Competition level
●Average monthly searches

Search volume – The tool allows you to check the search volume of particular keywords. By analyzing the data, you can understand the latest search trends and determine keyword popularity.

Keyword recommendations – The Keyword Planner will suggest keywords related to your initial input. You can expand the keyword list with appropriate phrases and terms.

Competitor analysis – Check the competitiveness of keywords and identify the ranking difficulty in the natural search results.

Target language and location – While searching for keywords, you can target a particular country or city. Select the language based on your potential customers’ language preferences.

Keyword grouping – Keywords need to be organized into multiple groups for a better keyword study. Keyword grouping helps you optimize your content based on your content themes.

Keyword trend analysis – As the keyword search volume fluctuates over time, the tool provides comprehensive data. You can understand the hottest topics and seasonal trends.

The keyword list can also be downloaded in different formats for offline analysis.

Guide to using the Keyword Planner

If you need help with SEO, you have to skip the Campaign Creation steps on your Google Ads account.

●Click on the Tools and Settings option and choose the Planning menu. It will show you the option – Keyword Planner.
●Choose between different tool functions – Get Search Volume and Discover New Keywords.
●Filter the search by determining the target language and location.
●Analyze the result that shows competition, keyword ideas, and other details.

You can sort keywords by relevance depending on your business. Search for low-competition and high-volume keywords for your SEO. The tool also lets you identify the long and short-tail keywords. Short-tail keywords generate higher visibility, whereas long-tail keywords help you attract more targeted website visitors.

More Tips for Choosing the Right Keywords

Long-tail keywords get fewer searches every month. So, you can easily rank your site for those keywords. If you want local traffic, learn about the local search volume of keywords.

Never overlook the traffic potential while choosing the keywords for your web content.

Rely on Professionals for Keyword Research

SDARR Studios, for example, is a trusted digital marketing company with comprehensive SEO services. Its professional team will create an SEO strategy and use premium tools to research keywords for optimized content.

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