How to Live Stream Your Wedding?

Do you want to incorporate your out-of-town visitors into your wedding festivities? Our software professionals will show you how and where to succeed with live streaming. If this epidemic has taught us anything, it is the strength of tech. We are fortunate to live in a technological environment where knowledge is at our fingers, video chat is available on our displays, and marriage planning can be done from the comfort of our couches!

Many engaged couples are not allowing a worldwide epidemic or social distance to stand in the way of their wedding plans. Because love is always victorious. Instead, they’re coming up with inventive ways of making their wedding ideas a reality, from Skype vendor meetings to Virtual bridal showers. There’s a way where there was a tech-savvy willingness!

Here’s how you arrange every detail of your wedding electronically. You can even watch the big day live on the internet!

Virtual Tours of Venues

Virtual location tours have existed for quite some time. Many wedding sites offer a number of 360º video tour movies that give you a panoramic picture of the various event areas. Many wedding venues are going a step further during the pandemic quarantine, delivering personalized site visits through FaceTime and Skype! You can digitally “walk” through the party rooms only with the venue’s on-site planner, discuss what your wedding might look like there, and ask any questions as they arise.

What greater way of finding your dream location from the comfort of your own home than with a customized virtual site tour?

This is an excellent opportunity to meet the venue organizer and discuss specifics. You can even screenshot or record important points of the walkthrough because it’s occurring on your device! Treat this like any other site tour, don’t be afraid to ask to see anything you’re interested in.

Consultations with virtual vendors

Sure, some aspects of a wedding can’t be done remotely. A digital makeup and hair trial, for instance, or an on-screen dessert sampling are not possible. Virtual consultations with vendors, regardless of service, are a fantastic method to e-meet each other! Set up a Skype or FaceTime meeting with potential organizers, photographers, videographers, flower designers, and other vendors. They may show you examples of their greatest work, provide you links to previous wedding galleries, and go through the finer points of their plans and contracts with you. Arrange a virtual walk with them when they have a showroom. Before your e-consultations, make sure to review our questions to ask your wedding live streaming service providers.

Pre-Wedding Virtual Events

We’ll show you how to live broadcast your wedding down below, but we understand that a faraway marriage isn’t for everyone. If the coronavirus epidemic forces you to delay your in-person wedding, but you still want to share the experience with your wedding reception and guests, throw a virtual wedding celebration!

Wedding Live Stream

A live stream wedding is for you if you’re a progressive, forward-thinking partner who wants to plan a wedding NOW. All you need is a fast internet connection and some basic technology to get started. Here’s how you can put it all together:

Select a Live Streaming Service Provider

There are plenty of excellent free streaming providers available. Consider the leading live streaming services as options. If you can’t decide, why not broadcast to a number of platforms so your visitors have a choice?

Vendor Coordination

Your officiate can still execute the wedding ceremony totally online, though all non-essential establishments are formally closed. There’s no need to acquire anything!

Guests should be invited. Why not go digital with your party invitations, too, since you’re going to get married virtually? Create attractive electronic invites that mimic the feel of receiving a “conventional” printed invitation. Create attractive electronic invites that mimic the feel of receiving a “conventional” printed invitation.


Place your tablet or smartphone on a stand, open a window for some natural light, surround the ceremony with potted plants, and then play some music to set the scene. You might also wish to prepare a champagne toast to pop bottles after the wedding!


Perform a practice run to ensure that your technology and gadgets are in functioning order and that you can navigate the streaming platform. Check to see if your WiFi connection is fast and stable. Check the lighting, make sure the sound is managed to pick up and there is no feedback, and make sure the camera shots are catching the proper times! Put on your best outfit. Even if this isn’t the day you had in mind, you may still be a sight on the big wedding day! Whether you choose to wear THE dress or something a little more casual, the choice is yours. Guys can wear a tuxedo or a pair of stylish trousers and a sports jacket. Get dressed up in whatever suits your fancy because you’re the main attraction!

Organize a Virtual After-Party

To hold a digital “wedding” with your guests, use software like Google Hangouts! Tell them to put on their best clothes and get prepared to party. If you’d like, include some formalities: Connect your speaker and dance for the first time. Make a cake from scratch. Make your speciality cocktail (maybe the “Quarantini”) and share the recipe with your visitors ahead of time so they can join you. Allow your visitors to make a toast by turning on the “mic.” Throw your visitors the most amazing virtual party they’ve ever seen. You can also have your cake!

Many couples are choosing for streamed weddings now, with intentions to organize vow renewals, rituals, celebrations, or a really amazing party to celebrate once the pandemic has passed and people can congregate again. Go on and make your big day super memorable for all.

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