How to Select Wedding Suits for Men?

A suit is a classic wedding look. It complements any and every male physique, and it always makes one stand out in a crowd. Sydney’s weddings have always been classy and extravagant. But there are many different types of suits available on the market today. Which one will suit one’s needs the best? This article explains how to select mens wedding suits in Sydney so one can make an informed decision when shopping for them.

How Much Does One Want to Spend?

One will want to consider how much they want to spend on a suit. If one wants something that will last a lifetime and pass it down from generation to generation, it makes sense to spend more money on it than something casual and inexpensive.

One also needs to decide what style of suit will work best with their style and personality. Refrain from feeling pressured into wearing something that does not fit well or clashes with what type of wedding ceremony or reception one has planned!

Use a Quality Tailor Before the Big Day

  • Use a quality tailor to enjoy a fitting suit. A good tailor can make minuscule adjustments to the outfit and make it look like it is made just for the person wearing it, which is ideal if one is unsure what style or fit will work best for their body type.
  • Only buy a new suit that fits perfectly. It’s tempting when one tries on all these different styles around different stores in Sydney, but wait until after choosing one together before buying anything!
  • Try on several suits at once to see how they compare in person rather than online (and then buy whichever one looks best).

Skip the Belt and Tie Combo

Ties are a great way to accessorise a suit, but they are unnecessary. If one wants to wear one, go for it! But if not, skip the belt and tie combo. A belt is only necessary if the pants are too big or too small. If they fit well enough without a belt, do not bother with it (and save some money). One can always add a belt later if needed; they make great gifts for other people!

Select a Proper Colour Shirt

When choosing a dress shirt, there are many colours to choose from. White is one of the most common choices for mens wedding suits in Sydney because it goes with almost any colour tie and looks great in photos. Blue is another popular choice because it coordinates well with most ties and complements the skin tones of people in Sydney.

Avoid black unless one is the groom or is a guest in an outdoor wedding where all other guests will be wearing dark suits (black can look too formal). Avoid red unless one wears a black suit; Blue or white will work better for an outfit. Finally, pink is inappropriate at any event where anyone else might be wearing white, including groomsmen! Most people avoid wearing tacky and colourful suits at Weddings around Sydney.

Don’t Wear White Unless Asked to

Unless the bride has specifically asked one to wear white, there are two reasons why a decision not to do so is wise:

  • White is a colour reserved for grooms and other male members of the family who are close to them (such as fathers). If one is not part of this group, it is best to avoid trying to mix up tradition by wearing it anyway. It is a traditional choice for many families.
  • No one wants their wedding photos ruined by seeing someone in an ill-fitting suit saturated with colour, especially if that person is not even part of the ceremony!

The Right Suit Can Look Great on the Wedding Day

A wedding suit should be comfortable, fit well, and complement the body type. The right option will make one look great on the big day. There are many factors to consider when buying a wedding suit for men; occasion, time of year, and location are some of them.

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