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How to Use Colored Lash Trays


A pair of colored lashes can add a pop of color to your lashline. They are a perfect way to create an ombre effect, add some dimension, and lengthen your lashes. These lashes come in a mixed tray. There are different shades of purple, brown, and black. Read on to find out how to use colored lash trays and create a stunning look. And don’t forget that colored lashes are not for everyone!

Adding color to the lash line

There are a few ways you can add color to the lash line. One way is to apply a bold color on the inner lash line and use a lighter shade on the outer lash line. You can also use a combination of colors and line the bottom of the eye thicker. If you have a very close-set eye, the best color to use on the inner lash line is brown. Make sure you don’t extend the line past the outer corner, though.

Adding color to the lash line can enhance your eyes, but be sure to match your client’s eyes. Blue eyed women should use blue lashes at the outer corner of the lash line, since blue makes eyes appear larger. Green-eye women need green lashes at the base of their natural lashes. If you have a client with green eyes, use purple to accentuate the green color of their eye.

Creating an ombre effect

The ombre effect is achieved by applying different shades of colored lashes in successive layers. The cosmetologist may layer several shades of mascara on different layers for a seamless transition. The ombre effect is most striking when several colors are combined in one eye. It can be applied to the entire eyelid, or just to a portion of it. Using a black base on the lower lash line and a lighter shade on the top layer will create a natural-looking ombre.

If you would like to create a subtle highlight, ombre lashes are the perfect choice. The lashes start out dark brown at the base and gradually transition to a lighter color at the tip. Popular colours for ombre lashes are blue, green and bright pink. The lashes can be any color that looks good on your eyes, and you can experiment with different combinations to achieve the ombre effect.

Adding dimension to the lash line

Adding dimension to the lash line with colorful lashes can make your eyelids pop! Using multiple layers of lashes, you can make your lash line appear bold and dimensional. Try using two or three layers of color in various combinations. You can use green or blue lashes on the inner third, purple or black lashes on the outer third, and black lashes on the bottom layer.

You can use any color or volume to add dimension to your lash line. If you’re planning on adding mega volume, you can choose to add black lashes to the middle or bottom layers. Or, you can opt for a single color, which is the most popular option these days. However, if you want to change it up regularly, colored lashes are not as difficult to apply as other types of lashes.

Adding length to the lash

Colored lashes are all the rage these days, and a new trend is extending the color and length of your existing eyelashes. In fact, makeup artist Lauren B. Brown has even tweeted about the DIY process of making your own purple falsies. The popularity of such eye adornment is not hard to understand. They are creative updates on traditional black or brown lashes and make a bold style statement.

While applying the lashes, be sure to keep the top and bottom black. This is to minimize the possibility of any visible bonding. This will also hide the bonding. This method is perfect for enhancing the length of eyelashes with a bold color. Adding length to colored lashes is one of the most common trends in a makeup artist’s toolkit, but some people prefer to have long lashes.

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