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How To Use Die Cut Stickers In Your Bullet Journal

If you’re a Bullet Journalist or even a student of the Bullet Journal system, you know how much time it can save you by using stickers in your planner. But have you ever wondered how to use die-cut stickers? After all, do they really add anything to your bullet journal? How do they work, and why should you use them? Read this post to learn all about die-cut stickers.

They’re super simple to use, so there’s no need for any complicated techniques or skills that might get in the way of your creativity. They can be added to any layout in the journal by simply cutting them out with scissors, then using a small piece of tape on top if the sticker needs support like when it’s being applied on top of an existing sticker.

How To Use Die Cut Stickers In Your Bullet Journal

If you’re looking to add some fun to your Bullet Journal, die-cut stickers are a great way to do so. They don’t require any additional tools or supplies and they allow you to get creative with your designs while keeping things simple.

To get started with creating your own die-cut stickers, simply cut out the shapes from cardstock or paper. Then add them where you want them on the page for an event or place in a planner section for inspirational quotes and more!

How to order Die cut stickers

For ordering die cut stickers you first have to find a website that can provide you with these stickers at a decent price.  Look for the online option that is near you and you can easily order from them. Also look at experience, Vograce is one of the best online sticker and washi tape manufacturer sites, you can order all types of stickers from them. 

How To Make Your Own Die Cut Stickers.

If you’re looking to make your own die cut stickers, there are a few ways that you can go about it. The first and most common way is with a die cutter. This is the easiest method of all because all you have to do is buy one, cut out some shapes from paper, then stick them down on your pages with glue or tape!

Another option would be using a craft knife or something similar which will allow for more precise cuts than just using scissors since it’s sharper and more precise in its cutting ability. You should also consider investing in an electric paper trimmer so that no matter where on your page it needs cut off from. this tool will ensure that everything stays neat while making sure there aren’t any stray pieces left over after trimming off excess material around each shape before applying any adhesive onto its surface as well as ensuring nothing gets damaged during construction because doing so would ruin them completely meaning no longer being able fully functional until repaired correctly later down line if needed eventually.

Scrapbook Vs Planner Stickers – Why Die Cuts Are Popular With Bullet Journalists

Scrapbook stickers are typically larger, more colourful and generally more expensive. They’re also more neutral in nature than planner stickers. Planner stickers are smaller and less expensive. Planner stickers generally offer more colour options than scrapbook stickers but not all planners come with these kinds of accessories included so you may want to buy them separately.

How To Add Diecut Stickers In A Bullet Journal: Ideas And Inspiration

One of the best things about using themed stickers in your Bullet Journal is that it can help you plan faster. For example, if you’re planning a trip to Spain with some friends and want to know what activities they’ll be doing there, all you have to do is open up one of their pages in your Bullet Journal , find the theme sticker for Spain on the sticker sheet with all the stickers from that country’s collection, cut them out and stick them on their entry.Here are some more ideas:

Planning Out Life

If you have a lot of things that need organizing like work and school you could use die cut stickers for this purpose as well!

Doodle And Create Patterns. 

Use stickers in combination with a coloured pen or pencil for creating geometric shapes on paper. Add personality and style by using different colours of adhesive vinyls for each day of the week or month. This way you can easily find what day it is at any given moment!


Use die cut stickers as placeholders for future planning or tracking tasks that need clarification such as meetings or appointments. You can also add notes about them so they’re easier to reference later on when needed!


If you use stickers as a way to organize your Bullet Journal, you can use them for more than just organization. Stickers can be used as calendar reminders and reminders of upcoming events. You could also use them to remind yourself of tasks that need doing or things that need doing well before the end of the week.

Use them for celebrations, reminders like birthdays or weddings, holidays like Christmas Eve Day and Valentine’s Day, different seasons such as springtime or autumn leaves falling off trees after frosty weather every year…the possibilities are endless!

Use fun-looking images from nature or animals instead of generic menial jobs like cleaning up spills or sweeping floors. These make great backgrounds for cute little quotes which remind people how grateful they should always feel about having vivacious lives full of adventure!

Planning blog posts, podcasts and videos.

You can use diecut stickers to plan blog posts, podcasts and videos. It’s a great way to organize your bullet journal and make sure you have all of the information you need before moving on to actual writing.

If your goal is to create content that will be shared on social media or other platforms, it’s important that the type of content is clear from the start. This will save time later on when someone asks what kind of blog post you were planning for their audience.


We started by looking at why die cut stickers are popular with Bullet Journalers and how they can benefit your planning process. We also told you about the online site to get washi tape printing products and these stickers. We then explored some of the different types of stickers that are available and discussed how to use them in your Bullet Journal. Finally, we looked at some examples of how you can use your own photos or designs on these fun little squares.

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