How to Use the 3D viewer in the E-commerce Store?

One of the most significant drawbacks of online shopping is that the buyers need an opportunity to have a good product experience. When people visit brick-and-mortar outlets, they get to experience the touch and feel of the products well.

It is undoubtedly difficult for online shoppers to expect the same product experience. However, augmented reality applications are paving the way for e-commerce stores to provide customers with more profound and more details about the products.

Using 3D viewer in your e-commerce stores

It is all about choosing the right 3D viewers for an e-commerce store. You should install that particular app on the Shopify store before enabling augmented reality and generating engaging experiences.

You can also use available 3D models offered by the app provider to create top-notch models and enhance interactivity. Integration of the suitable 3D model can elevate the product page and ensure a seamless experience.

The importance of 3D models in e-commerce

Recent trends and technologies have convinced business owners to incorporate the 3D model, considered e-commerce’s future. The astounding growth of online stores during the Covid-19 outbreak is surprising.

As per the data, e-commerce sales increased by 14.2 in 2021, and its growth continued in the subsequent year. 22% growth may be witnessed in e-commerce stores globally. Multimedia, sales and marketing are the three branches that grow along with e-commerce development.

Using 3D viewers for e-commerce stores will help with product promotions. Moreover, 5G adoption is accelerated as it enhances the product experience in augmented reality. 

Perks of 3D models for products in your e-commerce store

Whether you sell coffee machines or diamond rings, the 3D models of these products on the customers’ screens will elevate their online shopping experience. Manufacturers and retailers swiftly invest in this technology as they know its importance.

Stay ahead of your competitors

If your competitors are using photos of the products, your web store will be the preferred choice. E-shoppers want to see the product from every angle in clear lighting and the best resolution.

It is the responsibility of e-tailers to provide this astounding shopping experience. Augmented reality helps individuals check the real color, size and shape of any product in an e-commerce store.

Models are suitable for all the Shopify stores

Most online stores are created using Shopify, and the happy news for business owners is that the new themes available in these stores support 3D models. If you have a Shopify store with old themes, you can use a code snippet powered by Google model-viewer.

3D models may help you rank higher

Your e-commerce stores may reach the top search engine rankings with 3D models. Google closely concentrates on leading-edge technologies, so a website with AR has higher chances. These are extremely helpful for SEO purposes.

You need the products’ photos

If you want a 3D model for the product, ensure you connect with a modeling expert. Start preparing the products’ photos or videos and ensure that the pictures are available in high resolution, and try taking the snaps under bright lighting. The product page will comprise the dimensions, so you should create a model that stays true to the scale.

Wrapping up

It might not be easy to show real-life interpretations of some products. This is why many e-commerce stores are using AR applications. Find a reliable augmented reality application that helps you enhance the online shopping experience of every customer.

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