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Is Dream Valley Housing Scheme NOC Approved or Not?


Dream Valley Islamabad is one of the upcoming magnificent, and lucrative housing project in Islamabad. Whether one talks about the faultless amenities and surfaces, the project entirely fulfills all types of expectations. One needs to discuss the important and relevant aspects that decide whether the project is worthy of any investment. People often think that having a valid NOC, along with providing best lifestyle to residents in best reason for investment. This housing project involves all kind of tremendous aspects from living to having a luxurious life here.

Location Guide

This housing project is locatable at the main Muree Expressway, right near to Koran River. This is a perfect site, and it increases the entire worth of the entire housing project. The important thing about its location is that the convenience to this location is quite near to Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Morever, some other projects like Capital Hills Muree are also only few minutes away from this housing project, which makes it worthy of investment. The location of this project is serene and quiet peaceful and approachable due to important access points with the beautiful surroundings..

Dream Valley NOC Status

It is really mandatory for any housing project to have an authentic no objection certificate to get more investments. Any society without legal Dream Valley NOC would be deemed as illegal, or a scam. It is really important to mention that NOC can only be provided by governmental authorities. It even guarantees security and promises more investment due to its legality. According to latest update, the owners of this project got the legal approval from Rawalpindi development authority. In the official website of RDA, the position of Dream Valley Noc status is clearly visible. Another important party for the legal approval of this project is Tehsil Municipal Authority, which resulted in more value in this project. The investors would not have any need to feel insecure about their investment.

NOC approval Benefits

There are variety of benefits of Dream Valley NOC status that are very important for the investor to consider. It guarantees transparency to the real estate investors of this project, so they put their money into this project with confidence. It helps in strengthening bond between the investors and the owner of housing project.

  • Transparency with the owners and government institutions would eventually assist the industry at large.
  • Apart from that, NOC also helps the investors, patrons, inhabitants, and general masses to not face any disrupting, uncurtaining, and unexpected circumstances. It makes sure that there would never be any unfairness happening or trouble from the government.
  • The investors would become more confident about their investment.
  • Since NOC guarantees that any piece of property is lawful and has the government approval, so investors can invest their capital without any fear.

Dream Valley Housing Scheme NOC update

Since a lot of investors of this project want to learn that what makes this housing project as one of the best and most commendable investment opportunities. One of the biggest reason behind such applaud is NOC approval of this project, which was somehow hard for investors of this project. This housing project involves all the promising state of the art housing features, which involves its location, and all other advanced lifestyle facilities.


The NOC approval of this housing project would increase its importance more than before. The developers of this housing project would provide sense of security in their investors. The legality of this housing project due to NOC would help the investors in getting more profits.  For more details about the legal status of this project, you must visit the representatives of Estate Land Marketing. Our company involves all types of real estate professional, who would deal with aspects from marketing to booking of plots.

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