Know To Access UARK Blackboard Learn 2022

UARK Blackboard Learn is the campuswide learning management system of the University of Arkansas, and it may be accessed by students as well as faculty members at Read More

Instructions for logging into the Uark Blackboard

To access the uark blackboard learn, please click here.

Proceed to in your web browser.

Simply select the “University of Arkansas Organization Login” option from the drop-down menu.

Please enter your username for Uark.

Simply click the “Next” button.

Type in your password to continue.

Please log in before you can access your courses.

Login to Uark Blackboard

Login to Uark Blackboard

Having trouble logging in to the Uark blackboard?

If you are certain that you are using the right password but are still unable to log in to Blackboard Learn, it is possible that the password you use to access UARK has become invalid.

Accessing Blackboard, UAConnect, the campus wireless network, computer lab workstations, and any other service that requires a UARK login requires you to have a password for your UARK account. Log in to with your current UARK login and password. This will allow you to reset a password that has expired. You can also use the password reset tool located at to reactivate an old account or create a new one. Learn More

If you have just recently changed your password for UARK and are now unable to get into Blackboard, please follow the steps on the Support Checklist to clear the cache in your browser and then try logging in again.

In the event that you are unable to reset or renew your password, please call the IT Help Desk at (479) 575-2905.

Check out the cloud storage provided by Uark Box.

How to enrol in a blackboard course offered by Uark on your own

Self-enrollment is an option for many of the courses offered through Blackboard, and it is open to academics, staff, and students.

To enrol in a course:

You can access Blackboard through the website.

Simply navigate to the left menu and select the “Courses” option.

In the upper right, click the Course Catalog link.

To view only the courses that are associated with a certain category, click the Browse Categories button.

Choose the “Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts.” category when you register for OUCH training online.

To begin the registration process for Blackboard Training, select Blackboard Training from the drop-down menu under Browse Categories.

Move your mouse pointer over the name in the ID column, and when the down arrow button appears, click on it.

Simply click the Enroll button.

On the following page, click the Submit button, followed by the Ok button.

Select the OK button.

When you check in to Blackboard, the course will either be listed under the Current Courses tab, the Training Tab, or the Non-Credit Courses Tab.

The steps you need to take to check your grades on the UARK blackboard

Making regular checks of your grades on Blackboard is an important part of taking an active role in your own academic achievement.

You can access Blackboard through the website by entering your UARK email address and password.

After selecting Courses from the menu on the left, select the desired course by clicking on its name.

Choose My Grades from the menu on the left.

On the page that is immediately to the right of the assignment, you will find your grades.

You may always view all of your course grades from the Grades section on the Institution page panel, even if the “My Grades” link is not there in the menu bar. This location is always accessible.

How to turn in an assignment using the Blackboard system at UARK

Can’t seem to get your homework uploaded to Blackboard despite your best efforts? Continue reading to find out how to submit an assignment using Blackboard by either uploading a file or making use of the text box.

Instead of utilising the text box to turn in an assignment, it is strongly suggested that you instead upload a file that has been stored on your computer. You will not lose the work that you have done even if anything unexpected occurs, such as Blackboard crashing, the timer running out, or the power going out in your building. Both of the ways in which you can turn in your assignment are outlined below.

You can access Blackboard through the website.

After selecting Courses from the menu on the left, select the desired course by clicking on its name.

Find the location of the task you have been given. In this particular scenario, choose the assignments.

Simply choose the particular task by clicking on its name.

Choose either Option A or Option B from the list below, and then finish the instructions in the corresponding area.


To upload a file, navigate to the “Assignment Submission” area of the website and click the Browse Local Files option.

Click the “Open” button once you have chosen the file you wish to upload from your computer’s file system.

Simply click the button labelled “Submit.”

Check the top of the page to ensure that your assignment was successfully submitted in the right format.


In the section labelled “Assignment Submission,” choose the button labelled “Write Submission.”

Please type in your assignment in the space allotted for text entry.

Simply click the button labelled “Submit.”

Check the top of the page to ensure that your assignment was successfully submitted in the right format. Additionally, each time you send in an assignment, you will be sent a confirmation email to your email address.

Please get in touch with your teacher as soon as possible if you realise that you did not upload the correct file or that your work was not uploaded successfully and that your instructor does not have the opportunity to upload numerous tries. The Blackboard Help Desk cannot delete or resubmit assignments without first receiving approval from the relevant instructors.

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