Long life tips to deal with Angular cheilitis

Angular cheilitis is a common inflammatory skin condition where the lips get swollen and cracked, causing the end corners of the lips red, and crusted. It can take place on either side of the corner. It causes lots of pain and irritation. It takes place due to the gathering of excess drool leading to the growth of microbes such as fungi and bacteria. It is not a disease but a symptom of other diseases. Angular cheilitis is either caused due to yeast infection or fungi infection. This mouth soar condition is also known as angular stomatitis and perl├Ęche.

Angular cheilitis is an infection that can affect any age group of people. There is no specific reason for this infection. The angular cheilitis treatment antifungal cream is considered one of the best remedies for this issue. It occurs when the side corner of the mouth remains moist for a longer period. The moisture gives birth to fungi. The starting phase of cracking lips may worsen when the people continuously lick their lips and continuous licks dry up the area leading to further painful cracking and bleeding. This may also take place due to being unhygienic.

The angular cheilitis can be treated in many ways, as this is not a specific disease and the condition may improve in 1-2 weeks. Some of the tips are as follows: –

Home remedies for angular cheilitis

Honey is the most satisfying product which is available in everyone’s kitchen. It is excellent for soothing cracked products and is known for its anti-bacterial properties. Cucumber, the regular usage of cucumber slices on the infected area heals the redness and reduces the inflammation.

Aloe vera gel

The 2-3 times daily usage of fresh aloe vera gel on the side angles of the lips help in spreading and healing the area. Aloe vera is known for its antifungal activities.

Petroleum jelly

The baseline is commonly used in this condition that moistures the area and lowers the speed of fungal infection. The dryness of the mouth causes the infection to grow.

Dietary and lifestyles changes

The proper oral hygiene included in the daily routine help in this. According to the study, the regular intake of vitamins and minerals can be helpful to the person infected with this infection. The unbalance diet and deficiency of necessary nutrients lead to this.

Usage of Medicated products

If the condition of angular cheilitis speeds up from mild to severe, consulting the doctor is a must. Doctors would recommend you with the anti-biotics and antifungal cream angular cheilitis which kills the microbes. This helps in reducing the infection by providing an immediate result. The daily usage of antifungal ointment heals the infected area.

The most common treatment for angular cheilitis is keeping the infected area clean and moist. Avoiding dryness by applying protectants that has antifungal or anti-bacterial activities helps in healing the area soon. People must avoid gathering the saliva at the end of the mouth by frequently licking the infected area. It’s advisable to cure angular cheilitis soon and not let the condition worsen from mild to severe and further to chronic.

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