Mygroundbizaccount: The Most Suitable Choice For Your Business

Are you the employees or in the contract with fedex and did not use mygroundbizaccount. Actually you are missing very important things.

To know how important mygroundbizaccount is for you stay connected here. We will also point out the exact method of how you can create or how you access the mygroundbizaccount login. 

We will discuss all these things but first, let’s know some basic facts about fedex.

About fedex

Fedex is an American multi-national courier service. Their moat is well known for its overnight shipping services. They created a system by which senders and customers can track the status of their packages in real time.

Nowadays most delivery services use this patented process. The company headquarters in Memphis Tennessee takes its name from the federal express. Federal express was the company’s original air courier service.

They now use the shortened name fedex to refer to the corporate conglomerate that represents their air ground and international delivery services.

Become a contractor with fedex

Get started with your contract with fedex. Thousands of other businesses are in contract with fedex and they are satisfied with the services.

All these businesses are independent and they provide their equipment and employees to fedex.

If you are interested in contracting with fedex it’s very simple. Fedex has the email address through which you can find the representative of fedex near you. You can talk with him about your business.

Ship products through fedex

If you have your own business and want to import or export products from one spot to another fedex will help you. There are several reasons why fedex is more reliable for your business.

Worldwide coverage

Fedex can ship the products to over 220 countries. They have the best service on the ground as well as air shipping. For ground shipping, they have different sizes of vehicles and vans, etc. And for air shipping, they have cargo planes.

Free packaging

One another big relief from fedex is that they provide free packaging for the case of your product if you sign up and create an account on their official website.

Apart from this, they have a fast shipping experience.

Fedex contractor portal

Fedex contractor portal is the way of connecting with fedex company. This portal helps all the contractors a lot by notifying them about all the information related to their company.

In this portal, you will make an account which is known as my ground biz account. To log in to mygroundbiz account you need fedex ID and password.

Keep in mind that the log-in of mygroundbizaccount is independent of mygroundbiz. For the client, the signing-in scenario of my ground biz is to put their ID, first and last title, etc.

Features of mygroundbiz fedex

The best features of mygroundbiz are listed below.

  • Here you will find all the information unique to your company. This is possible when you sign in.
  • My ground biz provides you with other content such as videos, and documents related to your business. These contents include success stories, company news, etc.
  • They also facilitate you with a page where you can buy or sell the vehicles.

Is Mygroundbizaccount secure for your business

Nowadays where internet scammers and hackers are uncountable. The first question that arises in users’ minds before going to sign in to any account is that is this website or portal is safe for them.

If we talk about Mygroundbizaccount, it is the property of world famous and leading shipping company fedex. So this is fully secure and highly encrypted. Don’t worry about your company or personal information.

Are you allowed to log in to Mygroundbizaccount?

Above we mentioned the features and benefits of the My ground biz account but the question is who is allowed to log in to this account.

All the independent businesses who are in contract with fedex and they have the fedex ID and password can log in to the Mygroundbizaccount.

Apart from this other users or employees of fedex (if contained fedex id and password) are eligible for Mygroundbizaccount.

To conclude

This was all about Mygroundbizaccount hope you discovered this information helpful. Don’t confuse about my ground biz and my ground biz account. My ground biz account is just a section of my ground biz.

One of the common problems faced by many users is password expiration. Keep in mind that your password must be changed every 3 months. You need to follow the legal fedex instructions for password change.

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