NYUHome: Learn All About NYU’s Main Web Portal 2022

New York University’s most important website is called NYUHome. When you have successfully identified yourself by entering your NYU NetID and password, the site will provide you access to a variety of academic, professional, and student life resources. Read More

You are also able to search for and view the profiles of other members of the NYU Community on NYUHome, in addition to managing your own profile and the extent to which it is visible to other people.

You will only see the services and features to which you are entitled, as well as the material that is either owned by you or the most relevant to you. This makes your version of NYUHome completely unique.

Access to a certain service may be gained through the use of each service card in NYUHome. Some of the cards are Activity Feed cards, which are interactive displays of information (such as the NYU Calendar, BrightSpace, NYU Classes, NYU Drive, NYU Email, and NYU Email), while others are portals to services that remain static (for example, NYU Groups,, and Web Publishing). Read More

A person’s information included under the NYUHome People tab can also be referred to as a “card,” which is another usage for the term.

Pages are the things on the left side of the screen that correlate to what were formerly known as tabs in the traditional version of NYUHome. You may travel between the many preconfigured card sets with the aid of the pages. On the Favorites tab, you have the option of selecting the cards that you use the most frequently so that they are displayed when you first log in.

How to Sign In to the NYUHome Portal

In the address bar of your web browser, type in

Put in your NetID here (e.g., aqe123).

After that, type in your password.

To enter NYUHome, select the Login option from the menu.

To access your profile, go to the upper right corner of the screen, click the link that corresponds to your name, and then select “profile” from the drop-down menu.

In the Profile box, you have the option to either upload a new photo or edit an existing one, in addition to providing further information about yourself.

If you want to update your address, create a new one, or set your NYU Directory address, you may do any of those things by clicking Settings beneath the user menu that contains your name in the upper-right corner of the NYUHome page.

Simply click your name in the top-right corner of the NYUHome website to log out of your account. You will find a button labelled “Log Out” in the menu that drops down from the top. Simply put your mouse pointer on that button, and your current session with the service will be terminated.

NYUHome login page

NYUHome login page

How to Make Your NYU NetID Active

An NYU NetID is issued to every faculty member, staff member, and student at NYU who is currently enrolled in a degree or diploma programme (Network IDentification). Typically, your NetID is a combination of your initials and a few random digits (for example, aqe123), and it is written on the back of your NYUCard.

Your university ID, which is also displayed on your NYUCard, is distinct from your NetID. However, both may be accessed using your New York U Card. On the other hand, it is a very lengthy series of numerals, and it begins with an “N.” Members of the NYU School of Medicine and Langone Health use a KID that is also capable of operating as their NetID.

Once active, your NetID will serve as your key to various online services provided by NYU, such as NYUHome and NYU Google Apps, which are available to community members who meet certain criteria (e.g., email, calendar, drive, etc.). Your official email address at NYU (for example, is also generated using your NetID. For more information, see the NYU IT website.

After you have completed the activation process for your NYU NetID, you will be able to use the NYUHome service if you are a member of the NYU community. You are going to need to be familiar with your NYU NetID, which can be found printed on the reverse side of your NYUCard.

After your NetID has been activated, you will be able to access NYUHome by signing in while you are away from campus. using your NetID and the password you created for it.

The steps necessary to activate your NetID, set your password, and configure any other settings necessary to access NYUHome are outlined here.

You may access the NYU Start page from any device that has access to the Internet by going to

To activate your NetID card, click the button.

Please provide your university ID (for example, N12345678) as well as your birth date in the following format: mm/dd/yyyy.

Finish the CAPTCHA test, and then click the Continue button.

After you have finished reading and acknowledging the university’s policies and terms of use, click the Continue button.

Click the Continue button once you have finished reading the Next Steps.

To set a new password, navigate to Set Password and click Set Password. Another option for establishing your password is to utilise the safe password generator. To review what you have entered, simply select the “eye” symbol from the toolbar.

Click the Continue button once you’ve been congratulated on successfully establishing a password.

Finish answering the security questions to reset your password. You are required to provide responses to all three questions. It’s required that your response be at least four characters long. In the event that you cannot remember your password for the Start Page, you can use these questions to reset it on your own. Don’t stop here; continue.

Click the Continue button when you have finished answering the secondary security question. If you phone the NYU IT Service Desk for help with your account, you might be asked to provide a response to this question so that your identity can be verified.

Don’t stop here; continue.

On the tab under “Security Settings,” you may set an email address for password recovery.

You have the option of establishing a password for Google Apps for Education.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) can now be set up voluntarily by both current students and alumni of the university. It is highly advised that full-time degree students opt in now to participate in MFA because they will be obliged to set it up no later than the following census date.

What exactly is meant by the term “multi-factor authentication”? NYU’s online resources are protected by MFA which provides an extra degree of protection and blocks unauthorised access to sensitive data by preventing other parties from viewing it. During the login procedure, multi-factor authentication (MFA) will work by forcing you to authenticate using a separate device.

It is not necessary for members of the NYU community other than students and alumni to activate MFA on the NYU Start Page because they will be asked to set up and utilise MFA the first time they log in to an NYU service. Students and alumni are exempt from this requirement. You may immediately set up MFA and the Duo Mobile app by clicking Logout and then Login again. This is an option, but it is not required.

If you want to proceed, click Continue and then Confirm, but if you want to make changes, click Back.

Once you see the success screen, you will know that the process is complete. After you have implemented multi-factor authentication (MFA), you will be able to configure your mobile app to serve as a password recovery method by clicking the Continue button, which will take you to the authorised main menu page.

How to modify or reset the password for your NYUHome account or NetID

Each member of the NYU community is required to change the password associated with their NetID at least once per year. This is required to comply with NYU policy as well as to ensure the safety of your account and the data maintained by NYU.

However, if you believe that your NYU password may have been stolen or somehow compromised, you are strongly encouraged to update it before its expiration date. To accomplish this, please follow the guidelines listed below.

You can reset a lost or expired NYU password by following the instructions listed below in the section under “Resetting a forgotten or expired NYU password.”

How to alter the password for your NYUHome account

Navigate to the New York University Start Page at

To log in, click the card labelled “Log In.”

To change your NetID password, click the card labelled “Change.”

After entering the new password, click the Set Password button.

You also have the option of using the safe password generator to come up with your password.

To review what you have entered, simply select the “eye” symbol from the toolbar.

The steps to resetting your password for NYUHome

When attempting to log in to an NYU service such as NYUHome, if you obtain an error notice stating that your NetID or password is wrong, follow these steps:

You should attempt to log in once again to check that neither your NetID nor your password was entered incorrectly.

Check your keyboard to make sure that the Caps Lock button is not active.

You may verify that you have an NYU NetID by looking at the back of your NYUCard.

Note that your account will be temporarily disabled if you make an excessive number of unsuccessful attempts to log in.

Reset your NYU password if you’ve lost it or it’s no longer valid.

In the event that you have forgotten your password or that your password has expired, there are potentially three different self-service solutions available to you.

Visit the homepage for New York University (

To reset your password, click the card labelled “Reset.”

After you have finished the CAPTCHA test and entered your NetID, click the Search button.

You will be given the opportunity to select one, many, or all of the following choices:

Questions Regarding Safety: After you have provided the answers to all three of your security questions, click the Check Answers button.

Click Here to Continue with Recovery Email having a security code delivered to the email address you designated for account recovery. Check the email account you set up for account recovery to get a security code. Please enter the security code, then click the Check Code button.

The Mobile App (the configuration for this must be done at Open your MFA app and generate a passcode by clicking the option labelled “Third Party using your NetID” after you have clicked on Mobile App Setup and followed the steps that appear on the screen. After entering the passcode, click the Check Code button.

You can call the IT Service Desk at 1-212-998-3333 (in New York) or via the number listed for your local support desk to describe the matter and obtain extra assistance if you run into any problems when using the self-service alternatives. In order to receive support, you will be required to answer the security question associated with your Service Desk account.

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