Patorjk – Scrolling Text Time Waster (May 2022)

Recently Scroll Text has become a trending and a very popular way of messaging, people are using this scroll text from the scrolling text time waster. This type of scroll text i love you can be used on any platform the user wants such as on WhatsApp, Tiktok, videos, and any other platform as well.

The scroll text i love you is a creative form of messaging where users can see the text in full-screen mode, with different colors and styles to make messaging more attractive. 

The steps to create a scroll text i love you from the scrolling text time waster to simple and quick, it doesn’t require much tech knowledge and it is now used by many influencers to gain more viewers and also by people on WhatsApp to have gain attention of the message receiver to make the conversation more attractive and also as it provides the opportunities to create any scroll text so easily it is pursued by many people.

Types of Scroll Text Generation

The scroll text can be generated in CSS animation using marquee tags. Users have to go the google chrome and browse patorjk scrolling text time waster or or patorjk scroll text i love you to reach the destination user wants and to create innovative and creative scroll text messages like:

  • I love you BTS
  • Subscribe & Follow
  • Person’s name such as Johnny Depp or Personal close name, etc.
  • Users can write the text in any language from all over the world and any text they prefer.

In short, whatever the user wants to type, they enter it and then copy the message to paste it to the desired location. 

How to use Patorjk Scrolling Text Website?

After opening users have to scroll down to the bottom of the page, there a text box would be visible on which “scroll text time waster” would have already been written, users only have to edit the text and then copy and paste the link to use this text.

The scroll text I love you comes in handy and is loved by many users. The best part of the scroll text I love you or scrolling text time waster is that all the messages or text are coded in HTML. It provides users the opportunity to make changes in the scroll text i love you such as users can change the length according to their requirements and can also the color by copying and pasting the link from the google chrome scrolling text time waster.

The scrolling text time waster or scroll text I love you can also be used to innovate and invent diverse animations or formats of the text such as a diamond, zigzag, triangle, or parallel, even some extremely talented people can design it into some picture or showcase their talents via scroll text.

Methods to Generate Scrolling Text

The scroll text I love you can be generated via many methods, some of the scrolling text time waster methods are:

  • Through HTML as discussed above.
  • Through or by typing on google scrolling text time waster
  • Other Scrolling Text & Pro apps
  • Softwares are available such as Adobe, etc.

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