Phantom Galaxies demonstrate NFT Proof of Experience

Read on to learn about phantom galaxies if you’re just getting started in the exciting world of cryptogaming. This article is helpful for getting the detail about phantom galaxies game.

Let us getinto the details:

Astrafite Rush is a Phantom Galaxies earn-and-play event that is currently taking place. Active players can also obtain a brand-new NFT called “Proof of Experience.” After the event, you can use this NFT to claim your rewards.

Evidence from the Phantom Galaxies Astrafite Rush: Progress Tracker by NFT monitors and records a player’s progress throughout the competition. This includes the amount of astrafite mined, the number of Fire Dancer Pirates killed, the Cycle leaderboard position, and the most recent token rewards received.

This NFT will be given to everyone who contributed during an event’s cycle. If a player has the NFT already, it will be added to their most recent stats.

The Astrafite Rush event will end on December 14th. The Phantom Galaxies team will give players one week before they must log in and save their progress. After that, the NFTs will no longer save any data. The deadline for submitting work is December 21. NFTs can also be traded at that time, and their doors are open.

By using the NFT Progress Tracker, you can earn rewards

The event’s astrafite rewards will not be distributed until January 4, giving players plenty of time to trade their Progress Tracker tokens that do not belong to a faction. Players will be able to begin receiving their prizes when the claim page goes live on January 4. NFT rewards will be available at a rate of 10% per month for the next ten months. The fact that Astrafite’s rewards are divided into ten separate payments is an intriguing feature. This means that even if the NFT is sold in the future, the current owner will still be able to receive rewards. For example, if I use the first two months of rewards before selling the NFT, the new owner can use any remaining monthly rewards.

This is an excellent way to profit from a player’s level of participation in a simple NFT package. Some players may also be hesitant to provide personal information because KYC may be required to receive rewards (we are still awaiting official word on this). They can trade the Non-Functional Item (NFI) Progress Tracker to another player to continue gaining experience.

What exactly does Astrafite Rush mean?

Astrafite Rush is a play-and-earn event for Phantom Galaxies that is currently in closed alpha. This happens six times in a row. Everyone is only allowed to stay for one week. At the end of each Cycle, players must visit the official Phantom Galaxies website to save their progress. Players can also check their status and see what rewards are available on the website.

A new leaderboard is created at the start of each Cycle based on how quickly players complete the event’s goals. At the end of the Cycle, the top 10,000 players are rewarded. ASTRAFER tokens are awarded to players based on their final position. In addition, if the community goals are met, the top 10,000 players will receive 5 ASTRAFER per Cycle. People who own planets receive a bonus multiplier based on the number of planets they own. The advantages of having more than one Planet are cumulative.

Astrafite is found in asteroids, and a special asteroid known as “Starlight” that orbits the sun once every cycle contains a lot of it. Astrafite is a limited resource that must be replenished on a regular basis by asteroids. Asteroids will also move around between Cycles, giving everyone the same chance of finding them.

The Fire Dancers, a brand-new pirate group, will appear with this update. The player earns points for sinking each Fire Dancer ship. This event’s leaderboard does not include victories over pirates from the opposing faction.

Before participating in the Astrafite Rush event, players must complete the first three episodes of Phantom Galaxies. If you haven’t completed these Episodes yet, you should download and play the game right away.

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