Poorly Designed & Installed VFDs Can Do Serious Damage

Recently there’s been a number of articles with regards to VFDs and motors controlled by them being burned out. Much of this comes from the problem of a VFD using a pulse width modulation that at peak voltages becomes strong enough to burn through the insulation protection in an equipment’s motor and fry the related windings. The other problem that contributes to this situation is matching a VFD to a motor that is not designed to be controlled or powered by a VFD, a common mistake matching older equipment to newer VFD controls.

The other issue that can occur are shaft currents. A VFD connected to a motor and pulsing through a motor shaft can prematurely burn out motor bearings. This problem occurs due to arcing. The VFD sends electrical charges through the shaft which ultimately transfer through the bearing balls, causing pitting. That in turn causes deterioration of the bearing and ultimately failure of its rotational capability.

Bad Design and Poor Application Add to Regrets

The Eaton DM1 was specifically designed to provide a user with a compact VFD that was both safe to match to current systems as well as extremely programmable so that ranges could be used to keep it within safe parameters and not destroy equipment that the VFD was connected to. Part of the issues that tend to happen with VFDs is first the quality of the VFD in the first place. Lower grade equipment has fewer controls and safety features built in and can’t compare to the robust protection provided by the Eaton DM1. Secondly, installation and lack of training in how to properly program and use a VFD leads to mechanical damage as well. When a technician doesn’t follow and apply the safety parameters provided with a VFD as well as ensuring the motors connected are compatible with a VFD, bad things are likely to happen.

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Don’t Cut Corners with Your VFD Approach

Eaton provides its customers with an extensive support system for training and guidance so that its VFDs like the popular DM1 are not misapplied. Equipment and controllers are only as good as how they are used, and proper application is critical. Adding to the mix, Seagate Controls as an Eaton dealership provides specialist guidance and help with planning, DM1 selection and design application and installation help. As an extension of the customer support that makes Eaton products so popular and reliable, Seagate Controls and our team’s ongoing assistance has consistently helped clients bring their VFDs up and running safely and without the nightmares above of damaged motors and similar.

If you’re considering a VFD approach to your equipment but are now worried about potential burnout damage, the Eaton DM1 family is the way to go for safety and reliability. Seagate Controls can help you plan all of the set-up design and connections correctly so that the mistakes folks have made with incorrect usage, settings or not following training don’t happen with your equipment. Mistakes make interesting reading, but you don’t want to be the subject of the story. Work with Seagate Controls on your Eaton DM1 installation, and you won’t be another painful statistic.

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