Popular cinematography and photography hacks

In the field of film making, the script is a vital cog in the wheel. Visual story telling goes on to create a positive impact on the minds of the users. A good online screenwriting course along with cinematography would assure the success of the film.

Opting for cinematography courses online from a reputed academy will be of considerable help. Below are mentioned a few tips and tricks within your budget that enable you to make the cut.

resort to the use of a three-point lighting technique.

You can add a degree of dimension to your 2D images with the standard technique of three point lighting. Pretty much as the name suggests, the light sources of this technique would be placed around the subject in three different places in relation to the position of the camera. Most of the cinematography experts use this method, and it turns out to be one of the best methods to observe the lighting methods.

A wider lens is to be used.

The use of a wider lens draws attention to the subject and aims to establish a connection with the audience. Using a wider lens would also provide you with an overview of the surrounding set design, whereby the focus of the main subject is intact, whereas the depth of the field turns out to be a large one.

It is shot during the golden hour.

If you shoot one hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset, it will provide a warm, soft, and natural glow to your scenes. This would enable the photographers and the videographers to formulate a beautiful image where it goes on to use natural light.

Using a mirror or a reflector to soften the natural light is

If you are using reflectors, it tones the contrast when you are working with natural light. You may use a mirror or a reflector that will enable the sunlight to bounce back onto the subject. This is going to bring about a balance where the exposure will be kept on the subject that is similar to the exposure in the background. You may also use the reflectors and the mirrors, which are bound to add a lot of depth to the shot.

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To mimic shapes, cut outs can be used.

One of the better ways of capturing a shot at a shooting location that would give you space to set up the lights You can cut a piece of cardboard or paper that will enable you to mimic the shape that you want, and this can be placed right in front of the lens. With the help of this trick, your objective would be to form an impression.

As far as possible, try to stand apart from the crowd by formulating a new cinematography technique of your own. Do not shy away from incorporating a creative insight into your proceedings. A lot of the cinematographers have opted the creative route by capturing the scenes on their mobile phones.


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