The role of technology in raising children

The role of technology in raising children.

If you are like most parents, you are concerned about the effects of technology on your children. How much time does he spend on his smartphone? Are they sharing on social media? Do they know how to have a private conversation? In fact, research shows how much children rely on technology and how it affects them. 1 For example, the use of this generation of technology is promoting bullying, reducing empathy, and robbing creativity. In fact, colleges and companies know that young people who have grown up in this technologically advanced environment have less emotional capacity than children ten years ago.

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So, what should parents do? As a form of discipline, we often make deals for mobile phones, limit screen time, set timers, and take away technology. But, what if the problem of technology, social media and internet in our children’s lives is more than how much our own use of technology interferes with our upbringing? What if reading emails and social media deprives our children of important connections with us?

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They want to talk to us or ask a difficult question, but we’re too busy checking our phones, answering work emails or posting on social media. As a result, when they see gadgets in our hands, they give up or turn to the Internet for answers. When that happens, we miss out on important parental opportunities.

Finding balance is difficult.

Otherwise, standard time tries to balance the desire to stay at home – responding to technology-based biases such as work and other demands, according to researchers at Children’s Hospital and Boston Medical Center at the University of Michigan CS Mott. Who studied.Study participants, for example, have repeatedly expressed internal conflict between employment, technology, and family time.

Emotionally, you are disconnected

Furthermore, survey participants claimed that their emotional reactions to what they read on their portable devices often lead to unfavorable reactions from their family members, especially if they email or Read messages that contain bad news or stressful information. Earlier in the survey, they reported their children’s behavior for attention when they were involved in the use of technology, which caused them to ridicule their children. In another part of the study, the results show that parents eat fast food with their children. They found that when young people used mobile devices, their focal and non-verbal responses were reduced.

Becomes a means of escape.

Other survey participants defended their use of technology, claiming that it allowed them to connect with the outside world and provided an important reminder that life outside is old. Many parents also report using technology to reduce parental boredom and solidarity. Generally, parents are expected to spend three hours or more a day on mobile devices. Such as smartphones, smart watches and tablets. However, researchers agree that parents do not have to be available 24/7 for their children. And while sometimes it just helps young people gain independence, they also point out that parents work too hard and get tired of giving in to greed in so many ways. In addition, technology has changed the way parents treat their children. Technology, unlike traditional books, magazines or journals, attracts the attention of parents and involves additional emotional involvement. This tremendous emotional involvement means you have less time to dedicate to your children.

Test your technology.

Researchers offer some tips on managing your digital use. Determining family boundaries, tracking the use of your smartphone, and recognizing the overhead of your device are just a few examples.

Ask the right questions.

If you really want to control the use of your technology, you have to ask yourself tough questions. For example, how often do you check emails or reply to a text message while eating? How much time do you spend uploading photos and selfies on social media instead of enjoying what’s going on?

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