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Are you here to know about : tax saving pf fd and insurance tax relief you are at the perfect place. In this article, our focus will be to discuss the way through which you can save your tax.

Before going to discuss it let us know the main difference between the pf, fd, insurance, etc.

What is pf?

The full form of pf is the provident fund and this fund is related to your job. This is a type of fund which have indirect relation to your salary. This fund is from your salary, every month deduction occurs from your salary and after retirement, all this fund will be safely transferred to you.

Some companies deduct 8.3% from your salary while others deduct even more. It all depends on your salary and the company you worked for.

How to start provident fund?

If you work privately you can make sure about your company rules and regulation but from the government’s side, private companies are also forced to inform the employers about the pf. is the website where you can find helpful articles such as : tax saving pf fd and insurance tax relief.

What is FD?

The full form of fd is a fixed deposit. It is the account where people save their money. Today’s extra money may become the need for tomorrow.

You might notice the advertisement for this account from the bank and the non-bank (financial companies). This account has a time limit. Is it up to you how long you can save money for your future?


You can take insurance in the sense of protection. Sometimes life becomes a perilous point where an individual makes big losses of their money. In this case, if you have insurance you will be provided with the loss amount.

How to get relief from tax?

The word tax is not a pleasant word for the salaried person. A salaried person is always scared of tax and they want to get rid of it. If you are one of them and want to overcome taxes on your salaries read the below methods.

There are some legal and wise steps through which you can overcome the burden of taxes. And these methods are the PF, FD, and insurance which we discussed above. One of the famous informational and news websites of India is also wrote about the tax saving methods. You can read the articles by visiting the : tax saving pf fd and insurance tax relief.

Benefits of using pf and fd accounts

The big advantage of using a PF fund is you can save the tax and also in retirement you will have a big amount.

There are some other funds too through which you can find a big relief. But the main procedure of all these funds is the same.

Tax exemption of ppf 

Ppf is the public provident fund. This fund will reach a big amount on your retirement.

Tax exemption EPF

EPF is the employee provident fund. EPF is also known as PF. PPF and EPF are both famous retirement funds. Both funds are supported by the government of India and are highly secure. To know more about it search for : tax saving pf fd and insurance tax relief.

Tax exemption on ELSS

ELSS is the equity linked saving scheme. Like the above two, this is also the best option for tax savings.

To conclude

This was a short way through which you can find relief from the heavy taxes. Most of the tax exemptions are comes under section 80 c.

There are some other ways of tax exemption such as NPS, LIC premium scheme, etc

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