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Romance Your Decor with Double Curtain Rods in 3 Easy Steps!

As a homeowner, you would want to decorate your house in the best way possible and enhance the look. Enchanting allure and extraordinary beauty could be the emotions you would want to elicit from your home decor. You would want every detail, silhouette, colour, and texture to create an ambience that differentiates it from ordinary houses.

In simple words, every element of your home decor, be it furniture, decor pieces, curtains or window blinds, is a reflection of your exquisite interior decor taste. Usage of double curtain rods is one such element that exudes uniqueness in your home decor and also gives a cozy feel to your interior space.

Romance Your Decor with Double Curtain Rods

With double curtain rods, you can use two curtain layers on your windows. This adds depth and makes the space feel larger. This is the best way to form a layered effect and give a put-together and distinct look to your room. Double curtain rods are available in a pair of two rods with the first rod used at the front being slightly longer in length than the second one used at the back. With this, you can discover the elegance of your decor.

Choose lightweight, thin sheer curtains against the window and follow up close behind with thicker and heavier curtain material. You can personalize the look as per your taste by choosing different colours, designs, and end caps or finials for the curtain rods. This can add a new dimension to the windows and gives a designer look to it.

Create a Stunning Look with Double Curtain Rods

Now that you know how double curtain rods enhance your interior decor, here’s how you can create a stunning look with them.

Choose the Right Curtain Fabric

Depending on the mood that you want to set, choose the two layers of curtain fabrics. If you wish to let the brightness and warmth of the sun enter your room during the day, choose a transparent or sheer curtain fabric as the first pair to be placed next to the window.

The second layer is generally a black-our curtain that ensures complete privacy and keeps away the cold winds and light at bay. Keeping these in mind, choose the two pairs of curtains and move on to the next step of selecting the right double curtain rods.

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Select Appropriate Double Curtain Rods

You can get creative with double curtain rods by mixing different combinations of brackets, finishes, and finials. From wrought iron and wood to resin and more, you can choose what suits your taste the best.

If contemporary elegance is what you are looking for, go for wrought iron rods. For a more traditional and rich look, choose wooden rods. These minute details can bring about a major difference and create a statement look.

Don’t underestimate the importance of finials as these can magically transform the decor. Though it seems to be a relatively small decor piece, it is eye-catching and gives a great finishing touch to the double curtain rods.

Complete the Setup

Once you have chosen the curtains and double curtain rods, all you need to do is install the rods and hang the curtains. It couldn’t be easier than this. You can find two openings on each side of the double bracket. Install the brackets safely and securely using the screws provided.

Place the lighter sheer curtains using the ring clips on the rods that are next to the window. Place the heavier curtains on the next longer curtain rod. Screw in the end caps on each side of the rod. Place the rods carefully on the brackets. Once it’s done, you can even use some trendy tie backs to complement the curtains. This can further enhance the look.

It’s as simple as that! Your unique setup of double curtains is ready. Enjoy the coziness that this new decor adds to your living space. The sophisticated style, versatility, and beautiful, dramatic element of your decor will certainly grasp the attention of your guests and you will get a lot of praiseworthy comments from them for the enchanting double curtain rods.

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