Short Guide to Kratom Strains – White, Green, Red

Look closely at a Kratom leaf. You will see a vein running through the length of the leaf in the middle. This vein changes color as the tree matures. In the early stage, the vein is whitish. As the tree reaches the mid-maturity stage, the vein turns green. When the tree is fully matured, the vein becomes reddish.

These changes in the leaf’s central vein make for different kratom strains – white, green, and red.

The change happens due to a change in the alkaloid profile of the leaves. This means each strain will give you a different set of effects. You must first know why you need this herb and choose a strain according to your wellness needs.

White strain

Leaves with central white veins are found to be stimulating in nature thanks to the large quantities of mitragynine alkaloids present in them. These strains are typically used to boost energy, elevate mood, stimulate the mind, and create a feeling of euphoria.

Some say that this strain creates a “high.” However, do not confuse it with the “high” of cocaine or similar drugs. The latter is followed by a “crash” and subsequent harm to the body. However, kratom is an herb that provides wellness benefits, and its “high” stays longer and is different from the drugs.

Users who take white strain report increased productivity, energy levels, and concentration. They say they can sail through the day smoothly and feel more motivated and positive.

Many users also report that products like White Maeng Da Kratom Capsules increase their confidence and help to reduce social anxiety.

Green strain

Leaves with a green central vein have a balanced ratio of alkaloids. This makes it a more balanced strain, giving you the benefit of white and red strains in some measure.

The white strain is strongly stimulating, while the green one is moderately stimulating. So, if you don’t want anything strong to hit your brain receptors, try the green one. It stimulates mildly and also helps to alleviate pain. It gives a relaxed feeling without making you feel drowsy.

Red strain

Leaves with a red central vein are fully matured and have a high concentration of 7-hydroxymitragynine alkaloid. It creates a feeling of calm and peace in the mind. Red strain effectively mitigates body pains, including headaches and muscle tension. In addition, it helps to induce good sleep. You can go off your regular painkiller and sleeping pills when you takethekratom product of the red strain.

Depending on your body and mind’s need, choose a strain today and introduce this wonderful herb to your daily routine.

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