What are the CSC Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra franchise cost and requirements?

The CSC Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra has more than thousands of CSC Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra franchises and it is gaining popularity as the number of customers is increasing since the CSC Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra provides more than hundreds of services to its customers. Making their work easier and quicker and with less stress of dealing with government employees who take ages to complete or fill simple documentation related to the GST registration form or filing of a return, uploading invoices, etc. 

It also provides services related to finance, loan sector, banking sector, travel, and also birth certificate, Aadhar card forms, and other G2C services. 

The best companies  to operate CSC Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra  services are: 

  • Alankit limited
  • Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP
  • Bodhtree Consulting Limited and many more.

The CSC Jan Seva Kendra application can be made by the people of rural and urban areas. The CSC Jan Seva Kendra login process is simple and quick. The cost to become a GST service provider can be huge but ita a one-time investment and the income generated from this csc Jan Seva Kendra GST provider services can be more than the amount invested. 

The CSC Jan Seva Kendra is a great way of increasing employment in our country and GST service providers are also earning a reasonable amount by simplifying following the basic requirements given below.

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Requirements to Open a CSC Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra Franchise:

  1. The GST service provider at the center level must be at least school passed and should have a diploma or graduation or at least basic knowledge about computers and how to operate their equipment.
  2. At the center level, He/she must have space to open the CSC Jan Seva Kendra franchise, it can be a room or an office space with good internet and network connections and all-time electricity requirement, and good voltage to run at least a minimum of 2 computers and its equipment.
  3. The services the GST provider has to provide should be known by the provider such as GST, Banking, Finance, Loan-related knowledge, etc. while becoming a GST service provider at the GST center. 
  4. Basic equipment required with desktops or laptops are a printer, scanner, webcam, and others
  5. The CSC Jan Seva Kendra franchise applies fees is in lakhs around 2 lakhs 
  6. While CSC Jan Seva Kendra login users must be aware that the franchise investment amount can be around 25 lakhs.

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