What is Online Soccer Betting? How to Place a Soccer Bet?

Did you know that you can place bets on soccer matches online? You can find a variety of online sportsbooks that offer betting on soccer matches from around the world. So, whether you’re a die-hard fan of the Premier League or want to bet on your local club, there’s an online sportsbook for you. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to find the best online sportsbook for soccer betting. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to bet on soccer online. We’ll also provide tips on making your bets more successful.

How Does Soccer Betting Work?

Soccer betting is a little different from betting on other popular sports. Soccer games have several betting options for a side and total, such as three-way Moneylines or taking the double chance. Soccer is the sport on which people bet the most, and there are numerous ways to wager on a single game. Additionally, numerous competitions have diverse rules, so it’s always wise to do your research before you go ahead.

Although soccer betting is the most popular sports betting in the world, North American sports fans haven’t yet shown the same interest or activity.

A growing number of curious sports bettors are wondering how to wager on soccer, especially in light of recent major international competitions like the World Cup and the Euro Cup, as well as famous leagues like the English Premiership and Major League Soccer that are drawing more attention in the United States and Canada.

How to Play Soccer Online and Place bets

Making Three-Way Moneyline Bets

The three-way Moneyline offers the following three wagering choices, as its name suggests:

Team A wins

Team B wins

Team A & Team B tie

Results for three-way Moneylines are evaluated purely based on 90 minutes of play, or “Regular Time.” This does not include overtimes or penalty shootouts but rather any additional injury or stoppage time imposed at the referee’s discretion. 

For instance, in the 2014 World Cup Final between Argentina and Germany, the closing three-way Moneyline read: Germany +130, Argentina +230, and Draw + 255. After 90 minutes of regulation time, Argentina and Germany were deadlocked at 0-0, meaning the Draw +230 won. Even if Germany won in overtime, placing bets on them or Argentina (+255) lost money.

Two-Way Moneyline Bet

The two-way Moneyline, available in two straightforward ways: Double Chance and Draw No Wager, is another way to bet on soccer. Only 90 minutes of regulation time are used to grade either.

Double Chance refers to a wager on either team winning, either team drawing or either team winning. There are three possible outcomes:

Team A wins/draws

Team B wins/draws

Team A wins/Team B wins

Here’s an illustration: Germany/Draw -215, Argentina/Draw -165, and Germany/Argentina -200. You essentially eliminate one of the results for each bet.

The Draw No Bet wager eliminates the possibility of a draw, leaving only two outcomes possible:

  • A win for Team A
  • A win for Team B

These odds are typically overstated in favor of the favorite because the draw is removed from the calculation.

For instance:

Argentina +150; Germany -200

All wagers are returned and are deemed “No Action” if the game concludes in a draw during regulation time. Since the game was deadlocked after 90 minutes, this was the case in the 2014 World Cup Final.

Wagering on goal lines (Spreads)

The Goal Line is a sort of wager that eliminates at least one outcome, much as betting the Two-Way Moneyline. Goal lines resemble hockey puck lines, football or basketball point spreads, and goal lines.

In soccer, a goal-line is usually -0.5 goals, although, in contests where the home team wins by a wide margin, the goal-line may be higher, such as -1.5 or -2.5.

Totals for bets

In comparison to other sports, soccer totals function differently and can be displayed in multiples of 25 goals. Because there isn’t as much scoring as in other sports, bookies frequently set a total of 2.25, 2.5, or 2.75.

How Can I Bet on Soccer?

Sign up and make a deposit

After deciding on a sportsbook, create a free account on their website or mobile app. You’ll need a few minutes to complete this as well as some sign-in credentials. Log in to your new account after that. Your first deposit should be made at the cash register. Many good websites provide sports betting offers that you can benefit from.

Investigate Your Bet

Researching your wager comes next. Examine the most recent news and performance records of the teams you’re considering betting on. Long-distance travel, injuries, and winning streaks can all affect a game’s result.

Set the Bet

  1. Navigate to the event in your selected sportsbook once you’ve made your wager.
  2. Choose the wager and enter your stake in the slip.
  3. Always verify that the data being offered is accurate.
  4. Select “confirm.”


Congratulations! You have just placed your first wager on soccer. So, this is as easy as that, and one needs to be careful while betting online. So, do your homework properly before you go in for soccer betting on any website.

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