What is Sponsored Stories on facebook

Sponsored Stories on facebook is a popular term in Social Media Marketing nowadays. The idea behind Sponsored Stories is that people are more likely to engage with content that is shared by their friends or connections. This is an effective advertising strategy because it will save both your time and money.

Reaching these stories through a personal testimonial to a large audience can be effective. They can also be customized and more cost-effective than other types of paid social advertising. You can get help from Socialgreg to increase Facebook traffic. This platform provides high-quality services with low-cost. So, you can easily improve your marketing strategy by using Socialgreg and grow your likes, followers and views organically.

This article will help you know what Sponsored Stories are on Facebook. You have to read the following writings carefully.

What is sponsored stories?

Sponsor means advertising. A story is created when a user interacts with another user’s page, place or app. Here we separate these stories into 2 categories and independently define them. Indeed you see a lot of organic stories in your newsfeed or ticker now and then. When friends and others watch you interact with friends, a report is created for you.

Here’s an example of a story created when a friend likes a page. Like many stories, you see in newsfeeds, the example above is organic. We see it immediately after taking action. In this case, when my friend liked the page, I saw the story in the newsfeed. Although most of these stories are organic, to create these stories, they can be promoted.

So it is inevitable that Sponsored Stories are created around user activity.  Advertisers pay to highlight just one action. Which users take within the Facebook Connect app, and this action appears in friends’ sidebars or newsfeeds.

Types of sponsored stories on facebook

As we know, Facebook is constantly growing and changing. So there are many types of Sponsored Stories. Below is the list, but you can also assume it is incomplete.

Page Like: When a friend likes a page, stories are generated. 

Wall Post: A story is created when a friend posts on the page wall.

Check-In: A story is created when a friend checks into a business.

Post Like: Stories are created when a friend likes a Page post.

Post Share: Sharing a Page post creates a Story.

Post Comment: Any comment a friend makes on a page post creates a story.

App: Story generated when Facebook app is used by your friend.

Event Participants: A story is generated when a friend participates in an event.

Domain: Stories are created when a friend shares a link from a specific domain.

So, there you go. There are various opportunities like the 9 above to create Facebook these Stories.

Why should you create sponsored stories on facebook?

Let’s talk about how to create simple and efficient ads and save money.

Advertisers spend countless hours on ad copy and imagery. They make dozens of variations and split test them to find what works best—that’s the right approach. Your options are limited, when you create ‘Sponsored Stories.’  A user has already started, you promote that story. Targeting options are also specified here, as only the user’s friends can see the story. Privacy settings apply when a story is sponsored.

You should create these stories because, 

Firstly, they are effortless.

Second, they are very effective.

The power of social proof these stories work: your friend liked a page, used an app or  attended an event; you should too!

How to create sponsored stories?

You can create these stories through self-serve ad tools. These are made automatically; just select “Get more page likes, “Promote page posts,” or “See advanced options.”

Be careful; you can do it but don’t.

Instead you need to use Power Editor and a browser plugin. When you use Power Editor, you have much more control over targeting, placement and bidding, although it may need to be more user-friendly. Most of the new ad features and options go there first. Create ads in Power Editor; from the “Type” drop-down, Select Sponsored Stories” and choose.– It’s pretty simple.

There are a few key things to keep in your mind when  creating these stories :

  • Choose the right social media influencers for your brand, like Facebook.
  • Make sure the story is exciting and relevant for your target audience.
  • Add a powerful call-to-action.
  • Test and measure campaign results


Finally, it is clear that Sponsored Stories are a type of paid social advertising. It allows a business to promote its products or services through the stories of people who use them. These are an effective way to reach a large audience with a persona.

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