What’s the Difference between Shared and Managed WordPress Hosting?

WordPress is a popular web-publishing platform and a widely used content management system. WordPress websites put on an excellent performance when lodging the WordPress hosting at their backend. Therefore, the percentage of purchasing WordPress servers is relatively high. However, many people confuse about which one to opt for from shared and managed WordPress hosting. Or is there any difference between both? So here we explain them for a better understanding. Let’s start with:

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting means renting servers that can offer the best WordPress environment. The regular servers are fully optimized in terms of the setup and software configurations to host a WordPress website.

For instance, it offers you:

  • Single click WordPress website deployment
  • WordPress technical & security requirements
  • Faster speed and high uptime for WP website
  • User-friendly cPanel

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting means sharing the space and resources of a server with several other websites. The primary benefit of the shared server is the flexibility of saving costs. In the said hosting, your expenses for the features/ services get shared with the other users. However, this sharing lessens the flexibility of the features/ services.

If you opt for a shared hosting environment, it usually offers a basic level of WordPress optimization. So shared WordPress environment might lack the features like website templates, plugins support, and visitor inflow capacity.

Managed Hosting

Managed hosting simply means the host will be responsible for assisting you at the backend of your website (server). The user can pay a little extra than the regular hosting and avail of the assistance.

Managed hosting is based on the IT provisioning model, where the service provider manages the rented systems (servers) on the client’s behalf. For instance, from hardware and software setup and configuration, technical support, system maintenance, and monitoring to updates.

Web Hosting means purchasing/ renting the storage and network hardware on a server, for instance, operating systems and system software, CPU, bandwidth, etc. Though most users never use it in managed hosting, the website owners have administrative access to the hosting system. So by the time you get interested or will learn WordPress, you can use the access and interact as you want.

So when you get managed cheap WordPress hosting, your WordPress hosting provider will take care of the website upgrades and platform upgrades. In addition, it will assist you with server monitoring, malware scanning, backups, disaster recovery, and time-to-time optimizing WordPress performance. In short, what managed hosting services can make using leveraging WordPress easier for you.

As a rule of thumb, not all hosts provide the same services and cost you the same prices. Also, some hosts offer a menu of add-on services/ packages, from basic services to high-budget ones with more advanced services.

So you can expect additional or fewer services in the managed hosting than those mentioned here. What’s more, some hosts may customize the features/benefits in managed hosting to fit your specific requirements and charge accordingly.

When to get Shared and Managed WordPress Hosting?

One point to clarify is that WordPress hosting isn’t the only option or an essential requirement if someone wants to run WordPress. WordPress, as the best CMS is adaptable to almost any hosting style, so you can run it anywhere.

However, the website performance does vary. When you migrate your WordPress website to a WordPress environment, you can observe an appreciable difference in your site performance. For the most part, it distinguishes itself with high uptime, robust performance, software/plugins support, and more.

Still, here we discuss the stances on choosing the right option.

If you are too short on budget, cheap WordPress hosting with the shared option will be best for you. Similarly, the businesses that just started up with an online presence, their websites mostly don’t have high traffic. Also, when you don’t need much-advanced WordPress functionality and work with very few WordPress-specific optimizations. So shared WordPress hosting fits best in this scenario as well.

On the other hand, having no technical knowledge of websites or WordPress can be problematic. Eventually, regardless of the website’s size and niche, managing the online presence becomes burdensome. So, such users can use managed option. In addition, limited time can be another factor.

Needless to say, many large corporations have their websites dwelled on WordPress yet are left with no time after business-critical maneuvers. However, timely management of the hosting environment (servers) and website is necessary. So they can use the managed services and free up plenty of time to focus on their business.

That being said, many organizations are already going with outsourcing managed hosting services. So the managed services can effectively handle the day-to-day infrastructure and hardware management, ensuring higher performance and value to their business.

So one can carefully analyze the requirements to choose one from shared and managed WordPress hosting.

Lastly, it is better to purchase managed WordPress server from a reliable host like NavicoSoft. Navicosoft provides cheap WordPress hosting with all optimizations and WordPress features built-in for website robust functioning. Furthermore, migrating the WordPress website is smooth, too, without worrying over the scale of the website. In addition, customer support, including all technical WordPress, is available for users 24/7.


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