Will Pakistan real estate stock rise or drop


The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) has now launched a new business sector in its platform, under the domain of “property”, for non-REIT real estate-related listed corporations only few weeks back. As per the official statement released by the stock market, this addition is valuable and is expected to take PSX nearer to a better and enhanced replication of the economy in the composition of listed companies like Blue World City Islamabad.

Such move is an effort to definitely characterize the significant fundamentals of real estate and construction in PSX, as per their official statement, adding that the addition of this business rises the number of businesses on PSX to 36.

Listing by PSX

Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) includes the huge list, which includes different number of real estate investment trusts (REITs) and simplify trade in their elements over the next few years that also involves seven newly created development REITs having an predictable venture, whose worth is around Rs450 billion.

The schedules would enable REITs to increase funding for their real estate bs businesses by offering shareholding to the overall public at the bourse.

The national bourse received the first REIT on board around 6 years ago. It is to view a second REIT citation at a satisfactory time in the coming future after a gap of at least a decade following the central and regional governments as along with the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) removing irregularities and reorganized supervisory and assessment matters in recent years i.e. New City Paradise.


REITs are additional real estate ventures for shareholders that result in more income generation. Some persons may fund development REIT (construction schemes) and/or obtain shareholding in rental ventures to get revenue on bankrolling or some other investment. Central Depository Company (CDC) is still a representative of all the REITs nationwide, and Globe Residency REIT (GRR) has been formed already. Javedan Corporation holds around  100% units of its stakes at present, which is about to be listed by Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), as claimed by Arif Habib, who acts as a Dolmen REIT Management Chairman.

During the ratification ceremony of the Musharakah contract between Meezan Bank and GRR, he talked about the market issue. The Shariah-compliant bank of Meezan has attained 50% ownership of the overall project and is projected to contribute around Rs1.5 billion for land attainment and construction of more than 400 apartments in three buildings around Naya Nazimabad in Karachi, or Tab City Rawalpindi.

Prediction of Real Estate prices

The stock of real estate in Pakistan have been very chaotic, especially during COVID days. The rates in real estate are increasing abruptly and are unlikely to decline in future years. Almost, majority of millionaires have theirs takes in real estate business, which shows that real estate wont decline anytime soon. DHA and Bahria town are good example of elite real estate project. Despite the negative affects of COVID, there has been a huge rise in the investment. A lot of investors thought it is a good opportunity to invest in real estate, given the present circumstances of the interest rate. A lot of investors hope that the coming years would be more profitable, and their investment would persist in longer run.


The real estate business in Pakistan is expanding at a swift pace, as an important economic recovery is expected within few months. The next yead would be a ray of hope for new investments in Pakistan, and residential and commercial real estate had expanded rapidly. The most important and best part of it is that the return on investment also has its huge worth, which shoes the real estate business would evolve to huge extent. A lot of real estate investors looking more towards their future growth, which they can only get by investing in the stock of any real estate company. They expect that they would get return in huge margin within couple of decades. The real estate investment would never ever fail in future owing to the issue of finances. Not only in terms of financial growth but even when it comes to providing permanent place for living to family, real estate investment is the best option. For more details about investing in stocks of a real estate project, you should contact the real estate representatives linked with Estate Land Marketing.

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