How Do You Optimize eDPI Settings For Valorant?

Valorant’s agent skills can be very valuable. A Valorant player must be able to aim well. There are many factors that can impact a player’s in-game goals and objectives, but eDPI is the most important. Crosshair placement is critical for reaching targets in FPS games. eDPI is essential for destroying enemies during firefights. Setting the eDPI correctly can make all of the difference. This article will discuss eDPI settings. We will also discuss how to locate Valorant’s eDPI settings according to your preferred play style. Crosshair placement is a crucial consideration if you want to achieve the best aim in FPS gaming.

Why Is DPI Important?

A higher DPI can be useful, but it’s not always the best. You want your mouse to move quickly and accurately but not fly off the screen. A higher DPI would make it easier to zoom in and aim with a sniper weapon when you are playing first-person shooter games. This would allow you to use your mouse to make precise movements while aiming at your target. A high DPI might not be the best choice if accuracy is not your goal. It’s a smart decision to invest in a gaming mouse of high quality. You can adjust and switch between edpi calculator settings in a matter of seconds using the buttons. Do not be fooled by gaming mouse advertisements that boast of high DPI numbers. In most cases, it is unnecessary to set the DPI higher than 1600. You can always raise your ingame sensitivity if sensitivity is an issue. There is no perfect DPI setting. Professional first-person shooter gamers use a large mousepad to set their mouse DPI between 800 and 1200. This gives them more precision. Your gaming style, the resolution of your monitor and what type of game you are playing will all play a part in what “ideal” DPI settings. Based on the game you are currently playing, choose the setting that’s most comfortable for your gaming style and personal preferences. 

How Can You Find Your Mouse’s DPI?

You can find out the DPI of your mouse by looking at the specs on the mouse manufacturer’s manual or buying it. A lower-quality mouse had 800 DPI in 2000s, while a higher quality mouse has 1200 to 1600 DPI in 2010. 

Mongraal’s streaming and gaming hardware

Copying mongraal settings could help you reach your goals. 

This is Mongraal’s current gaming setup: 

: Logitech G402 Gaming Mouse

The eight-button programmability of the mouse is also available. The sensor has a response time of milliseconds and can reach up to 4,000 DPI. 

Mousepad – XTRFY GPS2 XXL

Mongraal uses XTRFY GP2 gaming mousepad, measuring 47.2 x 23.6 x 0.11 inches (1200 x 600 x 3.0 millimeters). Mongraal can perform nearly impossible trick shots with this mousepad. It should have a smooth, non-intrusive surface. This pair is great when combined with his gaming mouse. 

Keyboard: SteelSeries Apex TKL Mechanical Gaming Mouse Keyboard

The keyboard is made from aircraft-grade aluminum. It doesn’t have Cherry switches or rocks OmniPoints, unlike other mechanical keyboards. OmniPoint switches can be set to have their own actuation points. This allows users to customize their profiles for gaming or typing. SteelSeries makes this easier by adding an OLED display to the right corner.


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