How I WASTED my Time Completing Surveys in Exchange for a $750 Gift Card to Shein

I was browsing TikTok when I came across an advertisement that offered me the chance to win a $750 Shein gift card if I completed a survey. I was ecstatic about the opportunity, so I immediately cleared my calendar and accepted it. Call me greedy or whatever you want to, but who wouldn’t be interested in the possibility of obtaining free clothes to the value of $750?


In any case, I kick myself for not paying attention to the several times my mother cautioned me that “if anything is too good to be true, it isn’t genuine.”

Do you want to know how my life became so much more difficult because of Please keep reading…

The Workings of It.

After completing 10 different offers on the survey website, one can receive a 750 dollar gift card to When you go to the website, you will be prompted to answer the questions that are listed below:

Do you make purchases through Shein?

How do you intend to spend the Shein gift card that you received?

How many times would you say you go shopping in a typical week?

After you’ve given your response, you’ll be asked to give your email address. This is the email address that should be associated with your Shein profile. After that, you will be sent to the subsequent pages to create an account.

So, what steps follow this?

This is when things start to get complicated.

My Upsetting Personal Experience:

There are three different levels of rewards that you have to earn. The point is, you’ll have to spend around $200 in deals to get the gift card, and that’s assuming it even works.

I already had a $20 gift card that I could just toss away, so I used it. I made it through the first two levels with only roughly $2 in total expenditures. That final layer, which requires eight points, was the difficult part. Each offer costs between twenty and thirty dollars. Therefore, do not squander your time. They are placing their money on the fact that you will complete the first two transactions, then give up on the third, and then forget to cancel the first two agreements.

As a result, the Shein gift card worth $750 is not a scam in and of itself; however, in order to claim that gift card, you will need to spend at least $200, not including the time it will take.

After supplying the information to these firms, signing up for all three tiers of the “offers,” and providing them with a copy of their identification or passport, I am unable to establish whether or not anyone ever received a gift card. It would appear that the vast majority of customers ultimately needed to request a reimbursement for the few dollars that they had paid for the deals.

Is it a scam to purchase a $750 Shein Gift Card?

SHEIN GIFT CARD 750 USD, CASHAPP DEPOSIT, ETC.It is an overblown pitch for a convoluted bogus rewards programme that is designed to scam people of their time and money by turning them into a source of profit for a variety of gaming and business organisations that require a large customer base in order to make money (such as surveys for service companies like Geico, games on the App Store, false advertising for Shein and CashApp).

These websites and venues request personal information from you and will occasionally contact you through surveys using random numbers. The “prize” in question consists of completing an excessive number of surveys, games, or even investing in many brief company trials (like one dollar a month to search for people!) or other strange things of that nature. The time it takes to get the reward is greater than the time and effort you have invested in our reward site. It’s dishonest business practise and misleading advertising.

When you share your information, it is saved and then sold to companies. These companies may contact you in the future via an overwhelming number of emails or cards.

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