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How Long Can Cigars Last In A Humidor?

It doesn’t matter what brand, shape, or dimensions of your cigars are; you can keep them safe in a well-kept humidor. Cigar humidors will keep cigars in good condition for many years. Terry Pomerantz said that cigars should be treated as wines. Over time, they will develop flavor and aroma.

What IS A Humidor?

The humidor is an area to store cigars. It is typically a wooden box that can sit nicely on a table or counter. It’s much more than that.

This is how a humidor operates: The interior of a humidity chamber is lined with Spanish cedar (a type of wood). This wood is very absorbent. Correctly “seasoned” a cheap humidors creates the perfect environment for the storage of cigars.

To season a humidor, you need to add moisture to the inside. You can find more information in our guide to Seasoning a Humidor. But ultimately, the humidor’s lining absorbs enough water to create a perfect environment for cigars. To make cigars more enjoyable, keep them in conditions that are not too dry. Tobacco beetles can infest cigars if they are maintained at too high a humidity. The smell of dry cigars is unpleasant and can become acrid if you smoke them.

On the other hand, a properly seasoned and maintained humidor keeps cigars in perfect smoking conditions, with their oils intact, offering ideal smoke.

What’s the Average Cigar Life Expectancy Without a Humidor?

A friend who is just starting to smoke cigars asked the following question: How long can cigars keep without a humidor?

I’m a worker who loves to smoke low-cost (but significant) cigars. When I started my hobby, I couldn’t afford to buy a humidor. I have some knowledge of the subject. Here’s my list:

Your cigars will last for three to four days if kept in a Ziploc container at 70 degrees. It means that the cigar will last for this length of time. This does NOT mean that your cigars will start to fall apart after a few days. This is just a sign that your cigars will not be fresh anymore.

Also, I believe that fresh cigars should be smoked.

I will be sharing some tips and tricks on how to store cigars without the use of a humidor.

Do I require a humidor at all?

Cigars must be stored at a constant temperature and moisture to ensure their freshness. If you don’t have a humidor, you will be unable to keep them at the proper cheap humidors. In less than two weeks, a cigar’s quality will be lost.

The wrapper is also essential in keeping the cigar’s moisture in check. It is important to remember that the wrapper cannot be relied upon to keep cigars moist. It keeps them fresher, especially if they will be out of the humidor for a long time.

A humidor should hold at least 75 cigars. This will allow air circulation inside the humidor to keep your cigars humidified more evenly.

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