How to give robux

Are you here to know about how to give robux? You are at the right article, in this article, we will try to clear all your doubts about Robux. After reading this article you will be able to know the method of how to gift robux or how to give robux to friends?

There are several ways through which you can send or gift the robux to friends. Some are for mobile phones and some are for system users.

What is Robux?

If you play Roblox games you must know the robux. But in case you don’t know exactly what is robux and why it is important? Read this section carefully.

In simple words, Robux is a virtual currency. For the playing of any game on the Roblox platform, you do not need robux. But this currency is important in case it helps you in purchasing different products and you can also improve your skills too.

Kids always love to create a game and then play it. Roblox provides a platform for the kids who can create and play different games here. This platform is not just for kids but anyone is allowed to get an amazing experience. The description of the roblox or you can say the mission of the roblox is to bring the world together through play.

How to get Robux?

Before going to know how to give robux to people you need to have robux in your account. Now the question is how to get and achieve robux. While lots of people will talk that there is a way through which you can earn free robux. Keep in mind that unfortunately there is not a single method that allows you to get free robux.

In order to get robux at first, you will pay real money. And this robux is available at roblox company and every interested candidate can find it on the official website of roblox.

How to send robux to a friend through pc

Playing games on pc becomes more captivating as compared to mobile because of several reasons. If you play roblox games on pc this method is for you and by applying the below method you will be able to donate robux. 

The method mentioned here is selling a game pass. This method requires two accounts. One is yours and the second one is your friend. To transfer robux from your account to your friend’s account follow the below procedure.

  1. Install the Roblox on the friend account and log in.
  2. After opening the game you will see the “create” button. Click on it.
  3. Here you will see the created game. This section is also known as the gamer tag’s place where the game is created automatically after signing up.
  4. At the right of the game, you will see the gear icon, select it. After this select the “create game pass”.
  5. Now select any file from your pc by clicking on the option “choose file”. The next step will require a name. Label it with your favorite name.
  6. After this, you will see the description bar. Fill it out if you want otherwise ignore it. It’s optional.
  7. After completing all the above steps now select the preview button.
  8. After preview, you will see the “verified upload” button. By clicking it you will receive a short message of “game pass successfully created”.
  9. Now select the gear icon again and choose “configure”.
  10. Choose the “sales” option from the left menu pane.
  11. Switch on the “item for sale”.
  12. Now, enter the price (how much you want to give) in the field. The receiver will receive only 70% of the sale price. The remaining 30% will receive to the Roblox platform.
  13. To go live with your game pass select the save button.
  14. Share the link with your friend.
  15. You can use the friend ale URL or also can search for the game pass in your Roblox account.
  16. Buy their game pass.
  17. The donation process is complete.

This game pass method is reliable when you play the game on pc. There is another method which works on both mobiles as well as pc and this method is called group funds.

How to send robux through group funds 

If you are searching for how to give robux to friends on phone. Scroll for the below upcoming steps. But these steps also work on pc.

  1. This method is associated with the group. So without having the group you can’t proceed with it. If you don’t have a group you can make it easy by paying 100 robux.
  2. After having group, now visit store section. And choose the “three-dot” available at the left corner.
  3. Select the option of “configuration group”.
  4. Next hover over Revenue and click payouts
  5. Select one-time payout.
  6. Mention your friend/recipient username. And select “ok”.
  7. Confirm the amount you want to deliver/gift.
  8. And choose the “distributive” button.

This group method is valid for mobile and pc. Hope after applying the above steps correctly your problem of how to give someone robux become solved.

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