How to hide your tweets on Twitter: A comprehensive guide

Twitter is one of the most used social mesand social networking platforms having around 238 million users. It is one of the most used social networking platforms too. This platform is a great source of current affairs, updates and information.

The simple concept of Twitter has attracted many people to use it as well as celebrities. It is used for many purposes like sharing news like- new discoveries, celebrity updates, promoting brands, personal experiences etc. through tweets.

Although using Twitter is easy and fun it sometimes brings negative effects. As it is free to use and anyone can access it, sometimes it generates harassing comments, shares and mentions that discourage people from using Twitter.This can also lessen your followers and their reaction to any tweet on Twitter. 

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Twitter is working everyday to facilitate its users with safety and security options. In several security and safety features, hiding tweets from some followers or everyone is one of the easiest and effective ways to avoid annoying replies or comments.

This article will show you how you can hide your tweets on Twitter.

What is a Tweet?

A tweet refers to the short message that is being shared by a Twitter user. Generally a tweet consists of 140 characters and includes GIF, images, short videos, hashtags and other tools.

A tweet is not always a formal type of news. It can be an informal post like greeting good mornings or good nights. Again, A tweet can be an update of a celebrity’s important personality. It can be a new brand launch date as well.

The tweets are viewed by the followers on Twitter of an particula profile. If your tweets are protected, only your followers can view them. However, your tweets are visible to people other than your followers if they are unprotected or public.

Why should you hide your tweets?

As said earlier, your tweets are visible to people other than your followers if they are unprotected. It may cause some trouble for you because sometimes thug type of people post negative, discouraging and harassing messages, replies and comments. To avoid these situations you can hide your tweets so to say protect them.

Again, sometimes the content you tweet might not be welcomed by some of your followers. This can also generate negative effects. So better you hide your tweets form those followers.

There are some news you may want to share with some selected people not with everyone such as your pregnancy news or promotion news. In this situation, you can also hide your tweets from other people and customize them for your selected followers.

How To Hide Your Tweets on Twitter?

There are many options regarding hiding a user’s tweet on Twitter. You can hide your tweets from the people who are not following you, or hide them from some specific people, or you can block people from seeing your tweets. It is upto to you what type of hiding you want.

There are 3 ways you can hide your tweets on Twitter. They are as in the following-

Hiding Tweets From The Followers

Twitter has provided its users with a feature through which they can hide any specific tweet or all the tweets from any follower or all the followers. The feature will activate when you will follow the following steps-

Step 1: Open your Twitter account on your Twitter app.

Step 2: Then open a tweet you want to hide.

Step 3: Tap on the menu key.

Step 4: Different options will appear like- protect tweets, hide reply, hide tweets etc. Tap on hide reply.

Step 5: Once you select the ‘hide reply’ option, which follower you want to hide your tweet from will appear. Just select the follower. 

Then you are done hiding your tweet from your followers.

Hiding Tweets From Unfollowers

Hiding your tweets from the people who are not following means protecting your tweets. Twitter has this feature of protecting tweets from unwanted viewer to benefit its users so that can they manage their followers. The protecting tweets process is as in the following-

Step 1: Open your Twitter account.

Step 2: Tap on your profile picture and select the navigation menu.

Step 3: Then tap on settings and privacy. 

Step 4: Under settings and privacy menu, privacy and safety option will appear. Tap the menu.

Step 5: After that you will see ‘audience and tagging’ options. Tap on it. Under that ‘protect your tweets’ will appear. Just tap on the menu and you are done.

Hiding Tweets By Blocking People

Blocking people means you are prohibiting a follower or any other people from any type of access to your Twitter profile. The reason behind blocking a people or follower might be annoying posts, comments, replies or messages from that particular user.

You can block a Twitter profile with a few step as in the following-

Step 1: Open Twitter account and go to the profile you want to block.

Step 2: Select the gear (…) icon.

Step 3: Unfollow, block, mute several options will appear. Select ‘block’ menu.


From the beginning of its launch to till date, Twitter has developed a lot of features to make it easy and enjoyable for its users. To secure a profile on Twitter, it has developed the two-factor authentication menu. Despite all the efforts, some issues can’t be met such as unwanted replies, messages by followers. So, if you follow the above activities of hiding tweets from several accounts, I hope you can have a better experience using Twitter. So, what are you thinking? If you are facing any problem regarding your tweets and its viewer, just follow the mentioned processes. Good luck!!

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