How to Recover Suspended Facebook Account?

Facebook Account Supended

When users face issues like recover my facebook account or facebook recovery or how do I get back on facebook and many more. 

Reasons for facebook account restricted 

The possible and genuine reasons for Facebook account restricted are given below and explained in detail for the proper understanding and convenience of the users.

Reason 1: When Facebook found users doing any suspicious activity according to Facebook such as 

  • not verified Facebook account, 
  • virus or spam on the user’s facebook account, 
  • unauthorized access, 
  • sharing unsecured links in the messages or posting them, 
  • performing any activity that violated the rules and regulations of facebook, 
  • some users tend to use their personal page on facebook for business purpose rather than creating a facebook business page and 

various other suspicious activities performed by the users on their Facebook page which can lead to the solution for 

The solutions for the above issues can be 

  • Users should not click on the link that looks suspicious or share it. 
  • It is mandatory to fill in all the necessary details and valid & legit details while creating a Facebook account. 
  • Facebook is a very secure account, it takes the safety of its users seriously and it is the priority of Facebook accounts to provide safety to its users, therefore users must follow the rules and regulations of Facebook.
  • Facebook advises users to have different accounts for different purposes as Facebook has limitations on the number of posts users can make on personal and business pages. Ergo, create an account according to the purpose.

Reason 2: While creating a Facebook account users are asked some security questions and users can choose the security questions they want. During verification, if users failed to enter the correct security answer the Facebook account restriction can occur.

Reason 3: There can be many reasons firmware or viruses affected the account, it can be because of a virus downloaded on the system of the user’s device or any malware activity users can find difficult for Facebook recovery.

In another case, If your facebook account is hacked by someone and you don’t know how to get your account back then, you can visit our article via the given below link.


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