Johnny Depp is coming back for pirates of Caribbean

Disney has officially welcomed Johnny Depp to Pirates of the Caribbean. Well, he’s yet to be confirmed as appearing in one of the new films, but he’s officially out yeahback as the ride’s mascot, which has been a mainstay at the Disneyland theme park since 1967. The Pirates of the Caribbean attraction had been closed for some renovations, including sound and cleanup, that may be related to some of the characters featured during the attraction, but fans were more than pleased to reveal that Depp is back at his normal place when Captain Jack Sparrow was.

 If we’re being honest, that renewal plan could have been to get Johnny Depp out if he lost his lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard, but that certainly wasn’t the case.This is just speculation but the timing seems a bit random. Many wondered what would happen next with Disney and had initially projected an image of Depp at Disneyland Paris just days after he won his case. This prompted people to call the company and say that Disney should apologize to the man, especially since they’re so willing to use his likeness again. That’s a very fair request.It’s good to see the man returning to his best role, despite only appearing in attractions so far.

  1. Johnny Depp is enjoying something of a resurgence as the public has consistently supported the man since his troubles with Heard began. Because of his big win in the courtroom, he can now put those big problems behind him and get back to acting. He is currently making music again because a new album with legendary rock icon Jeff Beck is to be released. The pair have already released a single from’s new album.Also, we previously reported that Depp was in talks for a cameo in Pirates of the Caribbean 6, although that’s not confirmed yet. He will also begin filming his first film role since the trial. He will play King Louis XV in Jeanne du Barry.

Johnny Depp had declared in court that he would not return to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, even for $300 million.However, that may have been because Disney hasn’t said anything about backing him, despite him being the face of one of their most successful franchises. Now that he’s back as the poster child for the ride, that could mean Disney has apologized. And wallets so the man can get back to his best role. They might have had to offer him $301 million to make that happen, but they can certainly afford it.

Another Pirates spin-off film is also set to star Dwayne Johnson, but we love seeing Depp in it too.Anyway, we all hope Depp returns to his best role, period.

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