Making Your Tweets Private on Twitter: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you feeling too exposed on Twitter? No problem; restrict access to your tweets to those who follow you. Your tweets are automatically made public on Twitter, meaning they will be indexed by search engines and may be seen by anyone who visits your profile page. Protection for your tweets means you have to authorise new followers before they can view them, giving you greater control over who sees them.

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Here I’ll discuss how to make your tweets private on Twitter. So, let’s jump into the topic.

Make My Tweets Private

Protecting your tweets will make your Twitter profile invisible to the public. Your tweets and photographs will only be shown to verified followers. Your followers will still see your profile and information but not your tweets. 

Here are the steps for making your Tweets private:

  • Navigate to your Twitter profile.
  • Select the Privacy and Settings menu item.
  • Go to the “Account Privacy” settings menu.
  • Click the option to “Protect my tweets” to turn on. 
  • Just hit “Save changes” after typing in your password.

On Mobile

  1. Tap the profile image or three-line menu in Twitter’s top left corner. Whether you’re using an Android device, iPhone, or iPad, you’ll see one of these icons in the upper left corner.
  2. Select “Settings & Support” from the bottom of the main menu.
  3. Select “Security and privacy” now. You’ll find it at the end of the menu. Next, click “Privacy and safety” in the middle of the menu.
  4. Choose “Audience and tagging” from the menu. It’ll be at the very top.
  5. Click the button labelled “Protect your Tweets” to activate the feature. In this mode, your tweets are hidden from everyone except those who follow you. Setting your Twitter account to private prevents others from retweeting your tweets and removes them from Twitter searches.

You may prevent unauthorised users from accessing your Twitter feed by changing your account settings to private.You can control who follows you and sees your tweets. One way to protect your online safety is to set your Twitter account to private. Keep current with the most current privacy settings so your data remains safe.

On Desktop

  1. On, choose “More” from the menu on the left side bar. It will open a drop-down menu.
  2. Choose “Settings and Support” from the menu. This feature is shown at the very end of the menu options. Below, another menu will show up and click Settings and privacy.
  3. Select “Privacy and safety”. You’ll find this selection in the centre of the page.
  4. Access “Audience and tagging” under the subheading “Your Twitter activity” on the right side of the page.
  5. Mark the box labelled “Protect your tweets.” When you click the button to secure your tweets, a confirmation box will display to ensure that you want to take this step.
  6. You may save your modifications by clicking the Protect button. Making this change will allow you to limit future visibility of your tweets to your followers exclusively.

Once you set your account to private, only those you’ve authorised to see your tweets will be able to see them and find them via searches. A padlock symbol will be on your profile, and the words “These tweets are protected” will be visible only to those following you.  If you make your tweets private, no one else can retweet them.

What Happens If I Set My Twitter Account to Be Private?

After making your account private, you will see this changes: 

  • Your tweets will only be seen by those who follow you.
  • If someone wishes to start following you, they’ll send you a “New Follower request” message.
  • All requests to follow you must be accepted manually.
  • You can only keep a conversation going with someone once they follow you.
  • You won’t completely disappear.

You can keep your Tweet private if you change your username on your Twitter account. When you change your Twitter name, it will be challenging for users to find your account. 

How Can You Remove Your Followers from Your Private Twitter Account?

Once you set a tweet to private, only those on your Followers list can see and engage with it. If you want to unfollow someone on Twitter, you’ll need to use a computer or the web browser on your Android or iPhone. To see how you can remove your unwanted followers:

  1. Go to your profile and touch or click the number of followers on your mobile. For the desktop, select the “Profile” in the left side bar. Click your profile’s “Followers” button.
  2. View all of the people who are following you. 
  3. Select Remove this follower from the menu that appears when you click or press the three dots next to the name of a following you no longer want to have access to your tweets.


Remember that your privacy is integral to the modern digital environment, and take the necessary precautions to safeguard it. Your Twitter feed and profile are vulnerable to hackers unless you make it private. Staying current on privacy settings is essential for data security. So, follow these guidelines to restrict access to your account and content to the people you choose.

However, there are other methods to protect your privacy on Twitter than this. You can take several measures on Twitter to save your profile and personal information.

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