Top 10 Live Streaming Trends In 2022

The live stream platform is emerging, and why not? This innovative marketing strategy offers many benefits and popularity while being profitable for businesses. The live streaming platform in India has convinced many brands to opt for it if they want to dominate the online market.

Reports suggest that most people prefer watching live video content over TV and reading blogs when shopping. Apart from this, the country’s youth watch live streaming videos throughout the day. Enterprise streamers witnessed a boost in their revenue with live streaming company events.

Brands and businesses must dive into live stream shopping with so many advantages. We will talk about the latest live streaming trends to have a win through this post!

1. Fine customer experience

In India, live stream shopping is a big hit for selling on social media sites. This achievement is not just in India but also worldwide. Selling products on live stream shopping platforms like Instagram has set a new trend while transforming the user experience. Many brands collaborate with influencers to create brand credibility and gain loyalty so that the viewers can shop smoothly and conveniently.

2. Connection building

The secret of online shopping lies in connection making, and live streaming is all about it. With live streaming, you can easily create connections by interacting face to face with the audience. When customers have faith and value in your brand, they will choose to connect.

3. More exposure to influencers

When it comes to the platform of live streaming, the value of influencers is understandable. With a constant increase in live streaming apps

and platforms, brands are looking to collaborate with established influencers. With such partnerships, brand exposure is elevated via videos like product unboxing, introduction, and other marketing content.

4. Declining stories

Stories on platforms like Facebook and Instagram have been on the rise. But, now, social media audiences are not just focusing on something short but also something crisp and engaging. With brief content like in stories, content availability is limited, and the videos are available for only 24 hours. Therefore, this trend will soon end due to the emergence of engaging live streams.

5. Streaming music

Today, live stream music replaced traditional radios. However, live stream music didn’t do well before the pandemic. However, of late, its use is improving. Many live streaming music giants have added separate music categories due to the high demand for live stream music.

6. Live sports streaming

Live stream events are widely available nowadays, and how can sports be left behind? Today, sports events are live-streamed and reach global heights, especially post-pandemic, replacing television broadcasts.

7. Paid ads

It’s time that you start investing in paid ads, especially if you are a small to medium enterprise. Organic posts are widely followed to improve brand visibility and connect with customers. But, with paid ads, you can reach large audiences while empowering leads and conversions. When it comes to live streaming eCommerce India, platforms like YouTube and Facebook can monetize by tweaking the ads options.

8. Live audios will steal the show

We think that live audios are not preferred these days. But, just like live video streaming, live videos will reach soaring heights when produced professionally to keep the audience entertained.

9. Top-quality streams

Since the emergence of live streaming, people are increasingly demanding high quality. It’s reported that half of the viewers disapprove of poor-quality streams. And if people will not watch live streams, they won’t be familiar with ads and other monetization options, which is a total loss. So, ensure quality streams to benefit.

10. 4K videos

4K videos for live streaming are not very common due to the demand for high internet bandwidth. However, with the worldwide rollout of 5G, a majority of people will have access to this bandwidth to produce high-quality videos in 4K. Therefore, more fantastic support will be seen for 4K with improving internet bandwidth


Live streaming is all set to climb certain heights in 2022. We hope that with these 10 live streaming trends, you will be all geared up with profits and success.

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