Be alive with CTC tea

CTC is an abbreviation of Crush, tear and curl. It is mainly a type of black tea. This tea gives the consumer an amazing taste and flavor. Tea pellets are prepared by rolling down the tea leaves into the roller with sharp teeth. The pellets added to water or milk give a golden-brown color. The best CTC tea is Assam tea. The freshness of this tea awakes your mind and soul in the morning. Majority of black teas contain caffeine. CTC tea contains approximately 60 to 90 mg of caffeine per cup. The popularity of CTC tea is not only bounded to India but, is also used in English breakfast. The benefits of taking CTC tea are mentioned below:

Helps to fight cancer-like syndrome 

CTC is one of the finest tea which has the antioxidants capability to kill cancer-causing cells without affecting any other surrounded cells. It also keeps you moisturized and prevents cancer like a disease. You should take a CTC drink at least once a day to be free from various diseases and lives a healthy lifestyle.

Advances your digestive system

Black CTC tea helps to digest the food when you had a good amount of meal. Nowadays, people are getting affected by an unhealthy digestive system that has multiple digestion problems like stomach pain, constipation, diarrhea, formation of gas, cramping, etc.

Immunity Booster

One of the most important features of CTC tea is its immunity-boosting capability. It contains a good quantity of caffeine as compared to other types of teas. Caffeine can provide an ample amount of energy to your body for doing all your work without getting tired. It has a rich element of epigallocatechin (ECG) that fights weak immunity cells in the human body. This element helps to remain healthy and reduce DNA damage. It also prevents premature aging in your body.  

Weight controller

CTC tea contains an antioxidant element that can absorb fat in the human body. Consumption of this tea helps to control excess weight. It not only controls weight but also reduces the excess fat cells in the body. 

Reduces anxiety

Anxiety is common in people. It is the fear or apprehensions about what is going to come next. You may feel nervous and uneasy when doing an activity for the first time or addressing a large forum. The aroma of CTC tea is very soothing that keeps your body stress-free. So you must intake CTC tea when you find uneasiness or discomfort at any period.

The entire picture suggests that the CTC tea or the Assam tea is a beverage that every Indian prefers to have. It contains several ingredients that help in reducing anxiety, and preventing teeth, and has other health benefits as well. A tea break is a necessity while doing long hours of work or studying for a long time. You can order your CTC tea online or get it from the local grocery shops. CTC tea has essential elements which provide energy and freshness to your body to continue your work. So, have a cup of tea to relax and enjoy your day.

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