The Most Amazing Facts about Car Transport Costs Enclosed That Will Break Your Mind

Many of the best auto transport companies offer both enclosed and open transportation services.

Many of the best auto transport companies offer both enclosed and open transportation services.

However, enclosed auto transport is usually required when shipping high-value vehicles or vehicles with low ground clearance. An enclosed carrier is safer than an open carrier because it doesn’t expose your vehicle to the elements (or robbers), during shipping. However, it is approximately 40% more costly and costs $1,500.

Only 10% of customers use covered transport. If you are transporting a vehicle with low ground clearance, or one of many specialty vehicles such as Antique vehicles, Classic vehicles Custom vehicles, Exotic cars, and luxury vehicles, the extra cost might be worth it.

Enclosed carriers are the more expensive option. It is important to know both the cost and other factors that could affect them. This guide will reveal shocking facts about enclosed car transport costs.

Enclsoed car Transport cost

Different styles of enclosed auto trailers have different prices

There are many options when it comes to enclosed car shipping. If you are looking for a way to protect your car from the elements while still being economical and allowing you to have a flexible delivery schedule, a multi-car enclosed trailer might be the right choice.

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These larger, box-style trailers can carry up to seven cars. Your car will be “company.” Pro tip: Your prized vehicle will be in “First Position” within the trailer. This means that it will be stored in the back of the trailer and not have to be moved until delivery. This is something you may need. Ask your carrier.

You can share the costs of a ride on a trailer along with many other vehicles traveling in the same direction. This method of auto shipping has a disadvantage. Because there are so many vehicles, the driver doesn’t have as much time to inspect them all. A good car shipping company will make sure that all vehicles and their shipment are properly secured.more games visit and give your feedback here:

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A one- or two-car enclosed trailer can be the best option if your vehicle is urgently needed. This could be for reasons such as if you own an antique car and have to sell it at a show, or if it’s available online. Although it will cost more without the assistance of others, the return on your investment will be worth it when your vehicle arrives in the same condition as it left, on time, and ready for you to display.

What is the cost of covered auto transport?

Our analysis of almost 700 quotes revealed that an enclosed or covered auto transport cost approximately $1,500. Enclosed transport costs about 40% more than shipping your vehicle using an open carrier.

Why are enclosed car shipping costs so different?

It’s no secret that the cost of transporting an exotic, vintage, or classic car can vary in price. There are many reasons that 10 customers could receive 10 price quotes.

These are the key factors that go into calculating your final auto transport costs:


Distance and fuel consumption can have an impact on shipping costs. Fuel expenditures are lower for longer transports with higher mileage. Enclosed vehicle transport trailers, which are more aerodynamic than open vehicles, consume more fuel and are heavier. Because of idling, unexpected stops in traffic and other factors, short-distance travels may consume more fuel than long-distance journeys. Auto transport providers may base their pricing on fuel costs, despite the fact that shipping costs can be affected by distance.

Pick-up and Delivery Location:

The location of your vehicle’s pickup and delivery will affect the fee. Rural pick-ups or deliveries are more difficult as the carrier might not be able access the area. Do you need to send across state borders or internationally? You will need to consider the cost of shipping internationally or across state lines.

Auto weight and size:

Shipping costs for lighter vehicles will be lower than those for heavier vehicles. Think of a golf cart as a Humvee. Its overall design will influence the number of vehicles that can be parked beside it and what type of trailer they can use. Think League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’s Captain Nemo’s Nautilus. Before the vehicle is picked up, it will be weighed so that you know exactly how much shipping will cost.

Additional assistance:

If the vehicle isn’t operating at a level low enough to allow for a ramp, costs may be incurred. If a forklift or another machinery is needed to load the car onto the trailer, the transport cost will increase.

enclsoed car transport cost

What is the Average Cost of Enclosed Car Shipping Per Mile?

As we’ve discussed, automobile transportation costs, especially enclosed vehicle shipping, can fluctuate depending on many factors, including the vehicle being transported and the distance traveled. Let’s discuss money if you need a quote for the enclosed vehicle shipping cost.

According to 2021 estimates, the average car shipping cost is $2 per mile. These figures are subject to change. This applies to projects that are less than 200 miles. If your project is longer, such as. You will pay much less per mile if your project is more than 1,500 miles.

On average, the dip can drop to $0.58 per mile

This is true only for normal car travel. Enclosed car shipping costs more per mile because of the container. The container adds an extra dimension to shipping, which can lead to rates up to 40% above the base rate.

Although the per-mile rate of long-distance transportation may drop, the total enclosed automobile transportation costs will not.


Cost of shipping a car will vary depending on how it is shipped and other factors. Covered Auto shipping can be more costly, but it is worth the extra security that your car will get in return.

If their cars are valuable, or they have sentimental value, people often choose enclosed car transport both domestically as well as internationally. Open transport is possible, but enclosed car transport offers better protection and is more practical when shipping vehicles with greater value. This comes at a higher cost.

There is a tradeoff between the cost of your vehicle and its security.

Quantum Transport offers its clients total control over the options for local and international car transport. No matter what package you choose, our crew has the skills and experience to provide personal care at the highest levels.

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